Dave Bass(3)

March 16.2017

When he was at the party there was a break between the bands.

One of the musicians invited him to a jam session.

Once he started playing again he couldn’t stop with some local musicians.

Then he started playing again with jazz friends around Sacramento.

At that time he discovered how much he missed music.

And so, Bass resurrected his career as a jazz pianist.

In June 2010, Bass made first CD ” Gone”.

In February 2015, he released second album “NYC Sessions”.

NYC Sessions featured jazz legend Phil Woods, Karrin Allyson, Harvie, Ignacio Berroa, Conrad Herwig, and others.

Photo above, by courtesy of mixedmediapromo.com

DownBeat magazine subsequently selected NYC Sessions as one of the Best Albums of 2015.

In January 2015, Dave retired from the Office of the Attorney General to devote himself to music 24/7, and continues to compose and perform.

Here is Dave Bass Quartet play “Mi Guajira”.

Here is Dave Bass with Phil Woods & Conrad Herwig play “THE SIXTIES”.

Here is Dave Bass with Karrin Allyson play “LOST VALENTINE”.

Here is Dave Bass with Paulette McWilliams & Phil Woods play “JUST A FOOL”.



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