John LaPorta(1)

March 20.2017

Photo above of John LaPorta by offbeatpersistente.blogspot.

Recently one of favorite songs has been uploaded on YouTube.

Kenny Clarke and John LaPorta play “Play, Fiddle, Play”.

This week I would like to post about John LaPorta.

John LaPorta was born 13 April 1920. in Philadelphia.

LaPorta began studying clarinet at the age of nine.

Photo above of The Academy of Music from The Philadelphia Orchestra’s website.

He took lessons from Wilhelm Dietrich who was the first chair with the Philadelphia Orchestra.

Unfortunately he had to stop the lessons when LaPorta’s father suffered an incapacitating stroke.

At the age of 12 he picked up music again seriously.

Eventually he enterd Settlement Music School.

As a teenager, LaPorta decided to take a shot at becoming a full-time professional musician.

He switched to Mastbaum High, which was noted for its music department.

While there he made a valuable friend in clarinetist Buddy DeFranco.

LaPorta became increasingly interested in playing jazz for a living,

In 1942 he had even played in a couple of jam sessions with Dizzy Gillespie in Philadelphia.

Kenny Clarke and John LaPorta による “Play,Fiddle,Play”.
今週はJohn LaPortaについて投稿します。
John LaPortaは1920年4月13日にフィラデルフィアで生まれました。
LaPortaは9歳でフィラデルフィア管弦楽団のヴィルヘルム・ディートリッヒからレッスンを受けました。その後、フィラデルフィアの音楽専門学校でBuddy DeFrancoと友人になりました。

Here is Kenny Clarke and John LaPorta play “Play,Fiddle,Play”.

Here is John LaPorta Quartet play “I Got It Bad and That ain’t Good”.


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