John LaPorta(2)

March 21.2017

In 1942 John LaPorta joined Woody Herman’s First Herd and remained for two years.

In those days Woody Herman made a request to Igor Stravinsky “Ebony Concerto”.

Also LaPorta began to interested in modern classical composition.

Then LaPorta moved to New York City in 1946 and was hired by pianist Lennie Tristano who was an incarnation of the cool-jazz movement.

LaPorta said about Tristano;

“When I first met Lennie, he had brought in a piece of music for Woody’s band to play.[…]
‘Who’s the third alto player? I’d like to meet him’-because he knew I was reading his music. ”

“He would tell me so many negative criticisms about my playing that I found it demoralizing.
Warne Marsh left for the same reason. Lennie treated him terribly. It was much like a cult”.

Photo above of Lennie Tristano

So LaPorta decided to leave Lennie in 1948.

Fortunately LaPorta had been participating the historic recording with Lennie.

Barry Ulanov organized several concerts of bop stars for WOR radio in 1947.

LaPorta joined All-Star Modern Jazz Musicians as clarinet player.

Recently Mr. Seya(瀬谷徹氏) introduced a couple of clips on Facebook.

Go here and here  (ここをクリックして下さい)

Here is John LaPorta plays “Concertina for Clarinet”.

Here is Barry Ulanov’s All-Star Modern Jazz Musicians at WOR Studios play “Koko and Hot House”.

1946年にニューヨークに移り、Lennie Tristanoに出会った。
John LaPortaはLennie Tristanoについて「彼は私のプレーに対して厳しい批判をしました。又、Warne Marshに対しても教団での教育のように厳しく指導しました。」
しかし、LaPorta はLennieと歴史的なレコーディングに参加していました。
Barry UlanovはAll-Star Modern Jazz Musiciansのクラリネット・プレイヤーとしてLaPortaを起用しました。
先日、瀬谷徹氏がFacebookにLennie TristanoとJohn LaPorta が共演した貴重なSP音源を紹介されました。


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