John LaPorta(3)

March 22.2017

Photo above of John LaPorta(courtesy by Civil Defense Music)

In 1953 John LaPorta joined the Jazz Composers Workshop.

The workshop was formed Teo Macero, Thad Jones, Teddy Charles,Charles Mingus and other forward-looking musicians.

Actually he was the musical director of the group.

Eventually playing with Mingus was a turning point for LaPorta.

LaPorta made his first album as a leader for Mingus’ Debut label in 1954.

He recorded three albums for Fantasy in the mid-50s and led his own group at the 1958 Newport festival.

He said about Mingus;

“The first time I played with him I felt like someone had taken the handcuffs off me.
[…]I never had a problem playing with Mingus; I felt like I was free at last.”In later years, he dedicated ”Remember Mingus” as for respect to Charlie Mingus.”

Here is Jazz Composers Workshop(1954) plays “Eulogy For Rudy Williams”.

Here is Ada Moore sings “You Came A Long Way From St Louis”.
The original album (Jazz Workshop, Vol. 3)
Oscar Pettiford(b),Tal Farlow(g),John La Porta(as),Ada Moore(Vo)
Charles Mingus(arr) NYC, June 27, 1954

Here is John LaPorta plays “Nightly Vigil”.(1956)

Here is Herb Pomeroy Orchestra play “Remember Mingus”.
Composed and arranged by John LaPorta

1953年、John LaPortaはTeo Macero, Thad Jones, Teddy Charles,Charles Mingus とThe Jazz Composers Workshopを結成しました。Mingusと出会ったことがLaPortaとって音楽上の転換点となった。彼はミンガスについて語っています。


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