Bud Freeman(1)

March 27.2017

Photo above of Bud Freeman from The National Jazz Museum in Harlem

Last week I posted about John Laporta who took lessons from Lennie Tristano.

This week I would like to contribute about Bud Freeman who had experienced Lennie Tristano’s music theory for 3 months.


Photo above of Lennie Tristano

He was said to be the fighter of Chicago style jazz.(シカゴ派の闘将)

Bud Freeman was born April 13, 1906 in Chicago.

He was known mainly for playing the tenor saxophone, but also able at the clarinet.

He grew up in the golden age of Chicago-style jazz in the early 20s.

He joined with a group of jazz-crazed high school students known as the Austin High Gang.

There was cornetist Jimmy McPartland, pianist Joe Sullivan, guitarist Eddie Condon, Frank Teschemacher on alto sax, and a very young Benny Goodman on clarinet.

Also in Those days Freeman played the C melody saxophone.

In 1923 King Oliver and Louis Armstrong ignited a musical revolution in clubs and dance halls on the Windy City’s South Side.

Bud Freeman and his friends spent their weekends absorbing the style and swing of Oliver’s Creole Jazz Band at a ballroom called the Lincoln Gardens.


Austin High Gang, 1923 Chicago L to R: Frank Teschemacher, Jimmy McPartland, Dick McPartland, Bud Freeman, and Arny Freeman. Photo courtesy Big Band Database

先週、Lennie Tristanoのレッスンを受けたJohn Laportaについて投稿しました。
今週はシカゴ派の闘将と呼ばれていたBud Freemanについて投稿します。
彼も三ヶ月間だけLennie Tristanoから音楽理論を学んだそうです。
Bud FreemanはAustin High Gangと名付けられたシカゴの高校生のジャズグループに参加しました。主な仲間は Jimmy McPartland, Joe Sullivan, Eddie Condon, Frank Teschemacher, Benny Goodman(最年少) でした。
彼らはKing Oliver and Louis Armstrongの演奏を手本としてシカゴスタイルを確立しました。


Here is Bud Freeman and his Famous Chicagoans play “At The Jazz Band Ball” (1940).

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