Bud Freeman(2)

March 28.2017

L to R, standing back row: Eddie Condon, Dave Tough, Dick McPartland, Dave North, Bud Freeman, Frank Teschemacher. Front, kneeling: Jim Lanigan and Jimmy McPartland.
From the Marian McPartland Collection & Lost Chords by Richard Sudhalter.

In 1922, a gang of kids found their favorite ice cream parlor.

They assembled daily after classes at Austin High school and heard the records at ice-cream parlor.

There were Jimmy McPartland and Tommy McPartland, and Bud Freeman, and Frank Teschemacher and others.

Photo above of ice-cream parlor ”The Spoon and the Straw in Austin”.

Young white kids hearing these throbbing rhythms for the first time went a crazy.

They were Influenced by artists like the New Orleans Rhythm Kings and Louis Armstrong from the South.

The New Orleans Rhythm Kings ”the NORK” were one of the first white bands to succeed in jazz.

One day, they discovered a new record by a band no one had heard of —The New Orleans Rhythm Kings.

They were blown away by hot tunes like, “Tin Roof Blues,” “Tiger Rag” and “Farewell Blues.”

Photo above of New Orleans Rhythm Kings

So they decided to form their own band and try to play like NORK.

These jazz-crazed high school kids couldn’t read or write music themselves, and they begged and borrowed to get instruments for their band.

Bud Freeman got a C-Melody saxophone, a popular instrument in the 20s.

They would begin to formulate their own style, becoming part of the emerging Chicago Style of jazz.

1922年、Auston School Gangは学校近くのアイスクリームパーラーに放課後集合し,毎日蓄音機から聞こえるレコードを楽しんでいました。ある日The New Orleans Rhythm Kingsの新しいレコードを聞きNORKに夢中になりました。そして満足に楽譜も読めず楽器も揃わないにも拘らずジャズバンドを結成しました。Bud Freemanは20代の花形楽器であったCメロディーサクソフォンを手に入れました。その後彼らの演奏スタイルは、シカゴジャズの礎になりました。

Here is Bud Freeman plays “Craze-ology “(1928).

Here is Bud Freeman’s Famous Chicagoans play “Shim-me-sha wabble”(1940).



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