Bud Freeman(4)

March 30.2017

Photo by Wikipedia

The tenor saxophone was an important part of the big band era, and in the early years its use was popularized by Coleman Hawkins and Lester Young.

But we must not forget the presence of Bud Freeman.


In those days he was sometimes known as ‘The Eel’.

In 1927, he moved to New York, where he worked as a session musician and band member with Red Nichols, Ben Pollack, Joe Venuti, among others.

Bud Freeman soon developed an original sound on the tenor sax, with less vibrato and filigree and more rhythmic drive.

“The Eel” was admired as his most notable solo performances on Eddie Condon’s 1933 recording.

Then ”The Eel” became Freeman’s nickname (for his long snake-like improvisations).

From 1936 to 1938 Freeman played with the Tommy Dorsey Orchestra.

Also he joined a short time Benny Goodman’s band in 1938 before forming his own band.

He formed Summa Cum Laude Orchestra from 1939 to 1940 and joined the US Army during World War II.

Photo above of Eddie Condon and Bud Freeman of courtesy by Wall Street Journal

After the war, Freeman joined the Eddie Condon’s bands in New York .

Since the 1950s,he had leading his own jazz groups or working with other respected pros such as Buck Clayton, Ruby Braff, Vic Dickenson and Jo Jones.

Then he was a member of the World’s Greatest Jazz Band between 1969 and 1970.

In 1974, he would move to England where he made numerous recordings and performances there and in Europe.

He even lived in London for a while, but eventually moved back to his native Chicago.

Bud Freeman died in March 15 1991 in Chicago at age eighty-four.

The Greatest Jazz Band 1974 by Rainer Jazz
(L to R: D.Wellstood, B.Wilber, B.Freeman, Y.Lawson, B.Butterfield, S. Russo, B.Morton)

Coleman HawkinsとLester Youngの功績は不滅です。しかし、Bud Freemanの存在を忘れてはならない。
1927年、Bud Freemanはニューヨークに移り、Red Nichols, Ben Pollack, Joe Venutiと共演した。
1933年、Eddie Condonと録音した「The Eel」の演奏は賞賛され、「The Eel」は彼のニックネームになりました。
1936年から1938年までTommy Dorsey Orchestraに加入、その後Benny Goodman Orchestraにも短期間であったが参加した。
1939年から1940年まで自己のOrchestraを結成しました。戦後、Eddie Condonとの共演を中心に活動し、Buck Clayton、Ruby Braff、Vic Dickenson、Jo Jonesとも共演していました。
1969年からThe World’s Greatest Jazz Bandのメンバーとして訪欧し、1974年にイギリスに移住しました。1991年故郷のシカゴで永眠しました。

Here is Bud Freeman plays “The Eel”.

Here is Bud Freeman and his Orchestra play “Inside On The Southside”(1945).

Here is Bud Freeman plays “Sweet Georgia Brown” (1984).



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