Luis Russell(1)

April 03.2017

Luis Russell got lucky—he won the lottery!

Today I am listening to the above album (Luis Russell and his orchestra).

I have special memories in this album.

I made a trade of my collection for this record with Toyoharu Okada(岡田豊治).

Then Mr. Okada passed away two years ago.

About Mr.Okada ,please refer to my past post.Go here

This week I would like to post about Luis Russell.

Luis Russell was born 6 August 1902 in Panama.

His father was a music teacher, and Luis learned to play violin, guitar, trombone, and piano.

In 1929 he won 3,000 dollars in a lottery.

So he moved with his mother and sister to New Orleans where he made a living as a pianist.

In 1925 Russell moved to Chicago to join Doc Cook’s Orchestra and then became the pianist in King Oliver’s band.

パナマ出身のLuis Russellは宝くじが当たりニューオーリンズに移住しました。今週はLuis Russellの足跡について投稿します。写真のアルバムには特別な思い出があります。このレコードは故岡田豊治氏から入手しました。故岡田先輩については、私の過去の投稿をご覧下さい。

Here is Luis Russell Photo Montage.


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