Luis Russell(2)

April 04.2017

From L to R: William Moore-tuba, Luis Metcalf-tumpet, JC Higginbotham-trombone, Luis Russell-piano/arranger, Paul Barbarin-drums, Bill Johnson-banjo, Teddy Hill-tenor sax, Ven/Len Fields-alto sax. Photo courtesy of the Frank Driggs Collection.

Please forgive me that I want to write about Charles L. Cooke who hired Luis Russell.

Because I guess Cooke showed to Luis Russell a model for managing jazz orchestra.

Charles L. Cooke really had a doctorate degree in music from the Chicago College of Music.

Photo above of Charles L. Cooke

So Cooke called themselves Doc or Professor.

He was active as one of top leader of jazz orchestra in Chicago in the 1920s.

Cooke played as a conductor and musical director of the Orchestra at Paddy Harmon’s Dreamland Ballroom from 1922 to 1927 in Chicago.

His Dreamland Orchestra employed many of Chicago’s top musicians, including Freddie Keppard, Jimmie Noone, and Luis Russell.

His band recorded under the names Cookie’s Gingersnaps and Doc Cook and his 14 Doctors of Syncopation.

Photo above of Doc Cook’s Dreamland Ballroom Orchestra

In 1930 Cooke moved to New York to become staff arranger at R.K.O.

Then he remained until the early 1940s at Radio City Music Hall.

シカゴでLuis Russellを雇ったCharles L. Cookeについて調べました。Cookeは1922年から1927年のDreamland Ballroomで音楽監督を務めていました。彼のバンドでは伝説のFreddie Keppardや名手Jimmie Nooneも演奏していました。大恐慌の後ニューヨークに移り、有名なRadio City Music Hallで音楽活動を続けました。

Here is Doc Cook’s Dreamland Ballroom Orchestra play “Sidewalk Blues”(1926).

Here is Luis Russell and his orchestra play “Panama”.


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