Luis Russell(4)

April 06.2017

1929 was a big year for the Luis Russell Orchestra.

By 1929 Russell’s band had some musician such strong soloists as trombone J.C. Higginbotham and trumpeter Henry ‘Red’ Allen.

Photo above of J.C. Higginbotham

They recorded a dozen records that are considered some of the first and best examples of Swing music.

The band had a distinctive that combined the solos and drive of New Orleans jazz with the riffs and ensembles of swing.

Henry ‘Red’ Allen fronting Luis Russell’s Orchestra. L-R Jimmy Archey, Bill Coleman, Luis Russell, Bill Dillard, Will Johnson, Henry ‘Red’ Allen, Paul Barbarin, Albert Nicholas, ‘Pops’ Foster, Henry ‘Moon’ Jones and Greely. Photo from Ride, Red, Ride: The Life of Henry ‘Red’ Allen by John Chilton.

Some of these performances are now considered jazz classics.

Also the band started backing up Louis Armstrong on a few of his early orchestra recordings.

Luis Russell, piano, Paul Barbarin, drums, Pops Foster, bass, Lee Blair, guitar.
by courtesy of © Mark Berresford

Then Louis Armstrong with the Luis Russell Orchestra had a long tour through the South.

That tour was the beginning of a lifelong friendship between Russell and Armstrong that never wavered.

Louis Armstrong took over the Luis Russell Orchestra for his rise to stardom.

So Luis Russell accomplished as the musical director for the next eight years.

1929年頃のバンドにはJ.C. Higginbotham やHenry ‘Red’ Allenといった強力なメンバーが在籍していました。バンドはニューオーリンズジャズのソロとドライブを基本にリフとアンサンブルを組み合わせた独特の特徴を持っていました。その後、Louis Armstrongのバックバンドとして活動していました。1935年、サッチモはLuis Russell Orchestraを傘下に収めました。
Luis Russellはサッチモを補佐し、その後8年間音楽監督を務めました。

Here is Luis Russell and His Orchestra play “Saratoga Shout”.

Here is Luis Russell Orchestra with Chris Bullock(vocal) play “Goin’ To Town” (1931).

Here is Luis Russell’s Orchestra with Henry Allen(vocal) play “You Rascal, You”. (1931)

Here is Luis Russell’s Orchestra with Chick Bullock(vocal) play “Say The Word” (1931).


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