Luis Russell(5)

April 07.2017

Photo of courtesy the Frank Driggs Collection.

From 1935 to ’43, the Luis Russell Orchestra worked with Armstrong full-time and eventually morphed into the Louis Armstrong Orchestra.

Louis Armstrong was a rising star, and this ensemble backed him on radio dates, on the road and for recording dates.

Louis Armstrong with The Luis Russell Orchestra. Photo courtesy Louis: The Louis Armstrong Story by Max Jones and John Chilton.


Savoy Ballroom Marquee 1944. Photo courtesy of the Frank Driggs Collection.

From 1943 to ’48,Luis Russell led a new band that played at the Savoy and Apollo and made a few recordings.

In 1948 Russell retired from full-time music.

Then Luis Russell died in New York City, aged 61.

Photo above of Luis Russell and Catherine Russell

His daughter, Catherine Russell, is a jazz singer.

Recently she uploaded a rare clip about her father and Louis Armstrong on YouTube.

Luis Russell はLouis Armstrong楽団の音楽監督を辞し、1943年から彼自身の新しいバンドを編成しました。
最近、彼の娘であるCatherine RussellがLouis Armstrongを撮影した珍しいビデオを公開しました。

Here is Russell’s Hot Six play “29th And Dearborn”.George Mitchell(cor), Kid Ory(tb), Albert Nicholas(reed),Barney Bigard(ts), Luis Russell(p), Johnny St. Cyr(bj)(Chicago,March 10,1926)

Here is Luis Russell, Carline Ray, Louis Armstrong,Catherine Russell from Home Movies

Luis Russell(5)」への4件のフィードバック

  1. Paul Kahn

    Thank you for your excellent blog about Luis Russell. I am writing a Masters Thesis on Luis Russell at Rutgers University Newark for a degree in Jazz History and Research. Luis Russell is my father in law. His daughter, Catherine Russell is my wife. Thanks for these great postings!


    1. Sugarfootstomp 投稿作成者

      I think that his performance before co-starring with Louis Armstrong should be evaluated more in jazz history.(Louis Armstrongと共演する前のLuis Russellはもっと評価されるべきだと思います)


  2. Michael Usyk

    Dear Catherine, I loved seeing these. It’s a wonderful site, and wonderful album.
    All the best, Mike Usyk and Jane Heil




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