J. C. Higginbotham(2)

April 11.2017

Photo by courtesy of The Jan Persson Jazz Collection

First I will write his footprints until he comes to New York.

Jay C. (Jack) Higginbotham was born in Atlanta Georgia in May 11, 1906, but raised in Cincinnati Ohio.

Then he began to work as a mechanic at the General Motors factory.

Photo by Cincinnati Enquirer

He first played bugle, then his sister bought him his first trombone.

In 1924 he joined Wesley Helvev’s led own band.

In late 1925 he toured with pianist Eugene Landrum’s jazz band in the ‘Ragtime Steppers’ show.

In 1926 he joined drummer Eugene Primus Band in Buffalo.

Then he arrived to NEW York around August 1928.

Photo above of Jimmy Harrison by courtesy of earlyjazz.jp

1928 was an important year in the story of jazz trombone.

Until then Jimmy Harrison had almost reigned supreme as the king of jazz trombone playing.

So Jimmy Harrison met J. C. Higginbotham and Jack Teagarden in New York.

The king of jazz trombone had to compete with J.C.Higginbotham and Jack Teagarden.

Photo above of Jack Teagarden

まず J. C. Higginbotham(以下J.C.と略)がニューヨークに来るまでの足跡です。
1925年の後半以降、Eugene Landrum率いるバンドの一員として演奏ツアーを行いました。
1926年、BuffaloでEugene Primus(ds) のバンドに在籍していました。
NyではJimmy Harrisonがジャズ・トロンボーンの奏者の第一人者として君臨していた。王者Jimmy HarrisonはJ. C. HigginbothamとJack Teagardenと競争することになりました。

Here is Luis Russell and his Orchestra play “I Got Rhythm “.(1930)
Henry “Red” Allen(tp), J.C. Higginbotham(tb) Albert Nicholas(as)
October 24, 1930.

Here is The Chocolate Dandies play “DEE BLUES”.
Bobby Stark(tp),Jmmy Harrison(tb),Benny Carter(cl,as,arr)
Coleman Hawkins(ts),Horace Henderson(p),Benny Jackson(g)
John Kirby(tuba) December 1930.

Here is Red Nichols & His Five Pennies with Jack Teagarden play “After You’ve Gone”.



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