Art Hodes(4)

April 21.2017

Photo above of Art Hodes by courtesy of William Gottlieb/Library of Congress.

Since post war,Bebop jazz style began to mainstream.

So older style jazz players had struggled to find job.

Fortunately Art Hodes  was a success in jazz businesses.

He had one of the very first record companies to be owned by a jazz artist.

Needless to say he  first recorded in The Jazz Record.

The Jazz Record label produced 22 works from five recording sessions during the1940-1947 period.

In addition he edited a monthly magazine during 1943-1947.

Hodes went on to edit The Jazz Record for five years.

Also he became the host of a jazz radio program on WNYC in the 1940’s.

Because he was very skillful in his speaking.

Cow Cow’ Davenport and Art Hodes with WNYC jazz host
by courtesy of WNYC

Last week WNYC published his show as an archive.Go here

He later returned to Chicago, where he remained active as a performer, educator and writer.

In the 1960s he appeared in the TV series Jazz Alley and toured in Europe in the 1980s.

Art Hodes recorded frequently during the 1970s and ’80s, and was widely recognized as one of the last survivors of Chicago jazz.

Art Hodes died in 1993 at the age of 89.

There is a funny clip on YouTube by piano duet play with his wife.

しかし、Art Hodesはジャズビジネスで成功した人物です。
1960年代にシカゴのテレビ局でジャズシリーズ番組「Jazz Alley 」のメインとして活躍しました。
1993年、シカゴ・ジャズの最後の生存者であったArt Hodesは89歳で永眠しました。

Here is Art Hodes with J.C. Higginbotham play on Jazz Alley.(1969)

Here is Art Hodes with Jimmy McPartland and Pee Wee Russell plays “China Boy”. (1968)

Here is Art Hodes and his wife Jan Hodes play a single piano duet “Pinetop’s “Boogie Woogie””.(1987)


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