Herbie Hall

April 24.2017

Photo above of Herbie Hall by courtesy of University of Missouri Digital Libraries

Yesterday there was an interesting project at the Osaka Jazz Listening Club.

The theme was “Brother and sister competitions in the jazz world”.

Isao Takemura(竹村功氏),who is an older than me, introduced Herbie Hall who was younger brother of Edmond Hall.

Edmond Hall is one of the best clarinet players in jazz history.

Photo above of Edmond Hall from Wikipedia

Their father, also Edward, played the clarinet in the Onward Brass Band.

The Hall brothers, Robert, Edmond, and Herbert, all became clarinetist.

UnfortunatelyI there are few materials as well about Herbie Hall.

Because his older brother was too very great clarinetist.

Fortunately we can listen to his performance on YouTube.

I will reprint Mr. Takemura’s the selection of music.

I am happy to learn from some veteran jazz fans a lot of things.

私より年配の竹村功氏がHerbie Hall(Edmond Hallの弟)を紹介されました。
Edmond Hall はジャズ史上最高のクラリンネット奏者の一人です。

『ジャズ界の兄弟姉妹競演」担当 竹村 功氏


1. Undecided (4:42) (Aug. 1958)
Herbie Hall(cl),Buck Clayton(tp),Vic Dickenson(tb), Hal Singer(ts), Al Williams(p),Danny Baker(g), Gene Ramey(b),Marquis Foarter(ds)
「Vic Dickensonernie」から

2. Lover (4:13) (June, 1959)
Edmond Hall(cl), Omer Simeon(cl),Herbert Hall(Cl) Jimmy Raney(g), Richard Cary(p), AI Hall(b), Jimmy Crawford(ds)
「Runpus On Rampart Street」から

3. Petite Fleur  (4:03) (Dec, 1958)
Edmond Hall(cl), Ellis Larkins(p),Milt Hinton(b), Jimmy Crawford(ds)
「Petite Fleur」から

Here is Herbie Hall and Sammy Price and His Blusicians play “Louisiana Lament”.
Sammy Price (p) Emmett Berry (t) George Stevenson (tb) Herbie Hall (cl) Pops Foster (b) Freddie Moore (ds) 1955/10/20, Paris

Here is Edmond Hall plays “Petite Fleur”.(1958)

Here is Herbie Hall’s rare clip(1983)



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