The biographies of “Bass clarinet” heroes(4)

April 30.2017

Photo courtesy by livoon

The contribution of Eric Dolphy in bass clarinet is immeasurable.

James Carter,who is one of the most admired saxophonists of his generation, is is talking about Eric Dolphy.

Photo above of James Carter by courtesy of Discogs

“For me, hearing Dolphy play the bass clarinet on ‘God Bless the Child,’” Carter says, “was as potent as hearing Coleman Hawkins play the tenor saxophone on ‘Body and Soul.’”

Just as Hawkins’ 1939 solo launched hundreds of tenor sax careers, Dolphy’s 1961 solo has launched, well, not hundreds but dozens of bass clarinet careers.

He featured the bass clarinet on a repeatedly recorded tour-de-force solo version of ‘God Bless the Child.’

John Surman also played bass clarinet.

Unfortunately I do not have materials to post about him.

In addition among the noted players picking up the instrument are Don Byron, Louis Sclavis, Marty Ehrlich, Mark Turner and Chris Potter.

photo above of Louis Sclavis
by courtesy of Alchelton

Eric Dolphy のベース・クラリネットへの貢献は計り知れません。
James CarterはEric Dolphy について次のように語っています。

「Eric Dolphyによる「God Bless the Child」のベースクラリネットソロを聞いた時「Coleman Hawkinsによる「Body and Soul」のテナー・サクソフォンソロと同等の力強さを感じた」

Coleman Hawkinsの1939年のソロ(Body and Soul)によってジャズにおけるテナーサックスが確立されたのと同様に、Dolphyの1961年のソロはジャズにおけるベースクラリネットの地位を確立した。
Eric Dolphy は”Tour-de-force” という曲でベースクラリネットソロを何度も録音しました。
John Surmanについては私はあまり詳しくありません。
現在、この楽器においてはDon Byron, Louis Sclavis, Marty Ehrlich, Mark Turner and Chris Potterらが注目の奏者です。

Here is Eric Dolphy plays “Take the A Train”.

Here is Todd Marcus Quartet with Don Byron play “Epistrophy”.


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