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The initial story of Oscar Peterson(3)

May 31.2017

Photo above of Peterson with Russ Dufort(ds) and Armand Samson(g) by courtesy of
Concordia University

Photo above of Art Tatum by courtesy of 100piano.com

In his early days Peterson was influenced by Teddy Wilson, James P. Johnson and Art Tatum.

In particular, there is an interesting story about receiving his shock by Art Tatum’s recordings.

When his father played him Art Tatum’s “Tiger Rag”,he locked himself in his room and did not touch the piano for more than a week.

He talks about his situation at that time.

”I figured it was hopeless to practice. My mother and friends of mine persuaded me

to get back to it, but I’ve had the greatest respect for Art from then on.”

Photo above of James P. Johnson by courtesy of NPR

Photo above of Teddy Wilson by OKMusic

He was in his late teens and already an experienced professional musician.

Since 1942 he had been playing regularly with the Johnny Holmes Orchestra.

Photo above of Oscar Peterson and Johnny Holmes by courtesy vehiculepress.com

Then he left the orchestra in 1947 and began a residency at the Alberta Lounge, a club near Windsor Station.

He soon developed a reputation as a technically brilliant and melodically inventive jazz pianist for two years.

So he won a radio talent contest on Canada’s national network, the CBC in 1949.

As a result he became a regular performer on Canadian radio.

Oscar Peterson had a regular gig at Montreal’s Alberta Lounge.

デビュー前にOscar Peterson に影響を与えたピアニストとしては Teddy Wilson,とJames P. Johnson そしてArt Tatumが挙げられます。
彼が初めてArt Tatumの演奏を聞いた時、強い衝撃を受けたという興味深い話があります。
父親がArt Tatumの「Tiger Rag」のレコードを彼に聞かせた時のことです。


「いくら練習なんかしても無駄だと思いました。母と友人達は私が部屋から出るように説得しました。その時以降、Art Tarumに対してはずっと尊敬の念を持ち続けています。」

1942年以降はJohnny Holmes Orchestraに加入し定期的に演奏していました。
1947年に楽団を退団し、ウィンザー駅の近くにあったAlberta Loungeで本格的なジャズ演奏を始めました。

Here is Art Tatum plays “Tiger Rag”.

Here is Oscar peterson plays “Cakewalk (Noreen’s Nocturne)”.

Here is Oscar Peterson Trio play “Tenderly”.
Oscar Peterson (p), Herb Ellis (g), Ray Brown (b) in Brussels, Belgium 1957

The initial story of Oscar Peterson(2)

May 30.2017

Photo by courtesy of Library and Archives Canada

His father Daniel Peterson was born in the British Virgin Islands, and came to Canada as a seaman.

Then Daniel Peterson worked as a porter for Canadian Pacific Railway and also was a keen amateur musician.

His mother Kathleen Olivia John was born in St. Kitts, Leeward Islands and came to Canada.

Photo above of his father and Peterson by courtesy of Library and Archives Canada

Their son Oscar Emmanuel Peterson was born on August 15, 1925 in Montreal, Quebec.

Peterson grew up next to a church in Saint-Henri.

He began learning trumpet and piano from his father at the age of five.

He was interested in trumpet and played trumpet in a small family orchestra.

Unfortunately he spent after almost a year in the hospital with tuberculosis.

The doctor advised to give up wind instruments.

So he gave up trumpet and decided to concentrate on the piano.

Peterson was taught by two important teachers in his early musical training.

Photo above of his sister Daisy and Peterson by The Canadian Encyclopedia

They were his sister Daisy and the Hungarian-born classical pianist Paul de Marky.

His sister Daisy was a famous piano teacher in Montreal and also taught several other noted Canadian jazz musicians.

Then he began to take lesson from Hungarian classical pianist Paul de Marky.

So he was taught the budding jazz great “technique and speedy fingers.

Please refer to about Paul de Marky.Go here

Photo above of Paul de Marky by Nemzeti Audiovizális Archívum

Oscar Petersonの父Daniel Petersonはイギリス領ヴァージン諸島で生まれ船員になりとカナダに移住しました。
父Daniel Petersonはカナダ太平洋鉄道で働きながら、アマチュアミュージシャンとしても活動していた。
母Kathleen Oliviaはカリブ海のリーワード諸島(西インド諸島)で生まれカナダに来ました。
Oscar Petersonは1925年8月15日にケベック州モントリオールで生まれ、教会の隣で育ちました。
Oscar Petersonの初期のピアノレッスンに関して2人の重要な教師に師事することになりました。
まず彼の姉である Daisy がピアノを教えました。
Daisy はモントリオールでは有名なピアノ教師でした。
次にハンガリー出身のクラシックピアニストであったPaul de Markyから特訓を受けました。
Paul de Markyについてはこちらを参照して下さい。ここをクリックして下さい。

Here is Oscar Peterson’s Montreal childhood in Saint-Henri.(CBCのテレビ番組)
Go here

Here is Oscar Peterson with John Williams and The Boston Pops plays “Body and Soul”.

Here is Oscar Peterson and Joe Pass “Just Friends”.

The initial story of Oscar Peterson(1)

May 29.2017

Photo by courtesy of OKMusic

Yesterday I joined a jazz meeting in Kobe(神戸ジャズ愛好会5月例会).

An old member of the club introduced Oscar Peterson’s first recording.

Oscar Peterson – I Got Rhythm

Canada, April 30, 1945

Then Oscar Peterson made him one of the most popular jazz artists in history.

It’s embarrassing, but I have not heard eagerly about his recordings until now.

After going home from Kobe(神戸) I found an interesting clip by CBC Television.

It has been made in detail his life in this clip.

For example I do not know about his parents’ birthplace.

Ad by Toronto Star, November 5, 1945.

It will be ten years since his death in December.

There are huge numbers of his recordings.

I would like to investigate his music activities little by little until December.

So this week I will post about his early activity.

メンバーの方がOscar Petersonのファーストレコーディングを紹介しました。
『I Got Rhythm』 1945年4月30日録音
ご存知の通りOscar Petersonはその後、最も人気のあるジャズピアニストの一人になりました。
今年の12月にはOscar Peterson没後10年になります。
Oscar Petersonの録音は膨大な数がありますので、12月まで少しずつ彼の音楽活動を楽しみたいと思っています。

Here is Oscar Peterson Trio play “I Got Rhythm.”
Oscar Peterson (p) Bert Brown (b) Frank Gariepy (ds)
Montreal, April 30, 1945 RCA Masters (Canadian)

Here is Oscar Peterson trio with Count Basie in Prague 1974 .
Oscar Peterson (p), Count Basie (p), Niels-Henning Ørsted Pedersen (b), Butch Miles (ds) at International Jazz Festival Prague, 1974.

Chubby Jackson(5)

May 26.2017

Photo above of Woody Herman, Chubby Jackson, and Abraham Rosen by courtesy of Library of Congress(Gottlieb, William P. collection)

Chubby Jackson had continued the New York version of The Little Rascals for 13 years.

In 1978 and 1979, he and Woody Herman toured with Lionel Hampton’s band.

So he visited to Japan at the Aurex Jazz Festival in 1981.

He joined as the special guest with Lionel Hampton and Woody Herman.

He passed away October 1, 2003 in Bernardo, California at the age of 84.

Fortunately his children have been active in the music world.

His son Duffy Jackson became a jazz drummer, and toured with the Count Basie Orchestra.Go here

His daughter Jaijai Jackson created the entertainment world entitled The Jazz Network Worldwide. Go here

Photo above of Chubby and Duffy Jackson by courtesy of the Only Father-and-Son Bass and Drum Team in Jazz

Chubby Jackson はThe Little Rascals(ニューヨーク編)を13年間続けました。
1978年と1979年、Woody Hermanと共にLionel Hampton楽団に加わりツアーを行いました。
1981年にはAurex Jazz Festivalの特別ゲストとしてLionel HamptonとWoody Hermanらと日本に来日しました。
息子のDuffy Jacksonはジャズドラマーになり、Count Basie楽団に入団しました。
彼の娘Jaijai Jacksonは、『The Jazz Network Worldwide』というwebsiteを運営しています。

Here is Coleman Hawkins with  Chubby Jackson play “Summertime”.
Henry “Red” Allen (tp), Earl Warren (cl), Coleman Hawkins (ts), Marty Napoleon(p),Chubby Jackson (b), George Wettling (ds)   New York, August 7, 1958

Here is Red Rodney’s Be-Boppers play “Elevation”.
Red Rodney(tp), Allen Eager(ts), Serge Chaloff(bs) –
Al Haig (p), Chubby Jackson(b), Tiny Kahn(ds)
NY January 29, 1947

Here is Chubby Jackson All Star Band with Gerry Mulligan play “Sax Appeal”.
Howard McGhee, Al Porcino, Don Ferrara (tp), J.J.Johnson, Kai Winding (tb), Charlie Kennedy (as), Georgie Auld, Zoot Sims (ts), Gerry Mulligan (bars, arr*), Tony Aless (p), Chubby Jackson (b), Don Lamond (dm)
N.Y., March 15, 1950

Here is Lionel Hampton and Duffy Jackson play “DRUM BATTLE”.

Chubby Jackson(4)

May 25.2017

In 1951 Chubby Jackson joined Ventura’s Big four with Buddy Rich and Phil Napoleon.

Then he moved to Chicago with his family in 1953.

He worked as a studio musician, freelanced, and hosted some local children’s TV shows from 1955.

He became the host of a local children’s show on which he led a big band.

So he played a bass with a big, smiling face painted on it, told jokes and introduced Little Rascals shorts.

I do not know about “The Little Rascals” because I have never seen this TV show in Japan.

Also he reformed his own big band in Chicago and made two classic LP albums for the Argo label.

In 1957 he called out to the former members of the Woody Harman Orchestra and jazz and musician colleagues.

They made two albums “Chubby’s Back” and “I’m Entitled To You”.

Chubby’s swingy performance was also a pleasant feeling.

Last year JazzWax wrote an article about the work ” I’m Entitled To You “.

Please refer to this website.Go here

1951年、Charlie VenturaはChubby JacksonとBuddy Rich 並びにPhil Napoleonを誘い『 Big four 』を結成しました。

私は日本で「The Little Rascals」を見たことがないので、詳しいことは書くことが出来ません。
1957年、Woody Harman時代の同僚達にレコーデイングに参加するよう呼びかけ「Chubby’s Back」と「You’re Entitled To You」を発売しました。
ビッグバンドでのChubby Jacksonのベースワークは相変わらず心地良いです。
昨年私が愛読しているJazzWaxが「You’re Entitled To You」について詳細な記事を書いています。

Here is Charlie Ventura and his Sextet play “Synthesis”.
Charlie Shavers (tp), Bili Harris (tb), Charlie Ventura (ts), Ralph Burns(p),Bill DeArango(g), Chubby Jackson (b), Dave Tough(ds), Buddy Stewart (vel) NYC March 1947

Here is Charlie Ventura And His Sextet play “Blue Champagne”.
Members of the recording are the same as above.

Here is Charlie Ventura’s “Big Four” play “O.H. Blues”.
Charlie Ventura(ts) Marty Napoleon(p) Chubby Jackson(b) Buddy Rich(d) New York, August 8, 1951

Here is Chubby Jackson and his Old friends play “Tiny’s Blues”.
Don Geraci, John Howell, Don Jacoby, John Silva (tp),
Cy Touff (bass tp),Bill Harris, Tom Shepard (tb),
Sandy Mosse, Vito Price (ts),Howard Davis (as),
Bill Calkins (bs),Remo Biondi, Jimmy Gourley (g),
Marty Rubenstein (p),Chubby Jackson (b)
Don Lamond (ds) Chicago, March 31, 1957

Chubby Jackson(3)

May 24,2017

Photo above of Chubby Jackson, Conte Candoli, and Emmett Carls by Gottlieb, William P.

In the mid-1940’s, Chubby Jackson first sympathized with  innovative jazz “Be Bop” .

Woody Herman disbanded “First Herd” in 1946.

Chubby Jackson began to work with the saxophonist Charlie Ventura.

Photo above of Charlie Ventura and Billy Bauer and Chubby Jackson by courtesy of Jazz Guitar’s Hidden Giant

Charlie Ventura formed a fine quintet with vibraphonist Terry Gibbs and trumpeter Conte Candoli and pianist Lou Levy.

Charlie Ventura band toured Scandinavia in 1947.

Chubby Jackson talks about the impression in Sweden.

“I visited clubs, dance halls, and met most of Sweden’s top musicians. Younger or old, all wanted to learn the secret of playing bebop! They dig Charlie Parker and Dizzy back! Such interest in bebop I have never seen in America. They face it exactly for what it is—a new phase of jazz.”

After returning from Scandinavia, Chubby Jackson led his own small group.

Young musicians excluding Charlie Venura became “Fifth Dimension Jazz Group” with Chubby Jackson.

In 1948 he rejoined Herman in 1948 as young musicians like Stan Getz and Zoot Sims were coming up through the band.

1940年代の中頃、革新的なジャズ“ビ・バップ”にいち早く共感したのがChubby Jacksonでした。
Woody Hermann ”First Herd”は1946年に解散しました。
Chubby JacksonはCharlie Venturaバンドの立ち上げに協力しました。
1947年、Dizzy Gillespieと共に北欧でのコンサートツアーを行いました。
この時の印象をChubby Jacksonは次のように語っています。

「クラブやダンスホールでスウェーデンのトップミュージシャン達と出会いました。彼ら全てが『ビバップの秘密』を学びたかったようです。彼らはCharlie Parker や Dizzy Gillespieに夢中でした。当時そのような雰囲気はアメリカでは一度も見たことがありません。スウェーデンの若いジャズマン達は『ジャズが新しい段階に移行している』ことを既に理解しているようでした。」

北欧から帰国後、Chubby Jacksonは Charlie Venuraを除く若いメンバーと
共に”Fifth Dimension Jazz Group”という名のグループを結成しました。
その後Stan Getz や Zoot Sims が新入団したWoody Hermann ”Second Herd”に一時的に参加しました。

Here is Chubby Jackson and Fifth Dimension Jazz Group play “Crown Pilots”.(1947)
Conte Candoli (tp), Frank Socolow (ts), Terry Gibbs (vib), Lou Levy (p), Chubby Jackson (sb), Denzil Best (ds)   Stockholm,December 20,1947

Here is Chubby Jackson and Fifth Dimension Jazz Group play “Dee Dee’s Dance”.(1948)
Members of the recording are the same as above.(上のメンバーと同じです) Stockholm, January 20,1948

Here is Chubby Jackson’s Mad Mob play “Meshugah”.
V-Disc 665 (JDB92)
Sonny Berman, Neal Hefti (tp) Bill Harris (th) Flip Phillips (ts)
Tony Aless (p) Chubby Jackson (b) Dave Tough (d) rec. Sep. 1, 1945, NYC.


Chubby Jackson(2)

May 23,2017

(From left:) Dave Lambert, John Simmons, Chubby Jackson, George Handy, and Dizzy Gillespie, in William P. Gottlieb’s office, New York, c. July 1947

Chubby Jackson is remembered by many as Woody Herman’s bassist in the mid-1940s.

I will introduce his career until joining Woody Herman band.

From 1937 to 1941, he worked with many dance bands.




He joined with bands of Mike Riley, Johnny Messner, Raymond Scott,Jan Savitt, Terry Shand, and Henry Busse.

In those days his performance style was named “Shuffle Rhythm”.

In 1941 he joined the Charlie Barnet Band.

Charlie Barnet began featuring Jackson’s rhythmic bass.

Chubby Jackson added fifth string made him sound sped-up.


Chubby Jackson said;
“The fifth string bass became quite popular.
So it put out by the Kay Bass Company in Chicago.”

Please refer to this website about the fifth string bass. Go here

In 1943 he joined Woody Herman.

Today I will not post his performance in detail.

Also he turned talent scout for innovative new players.

He brought a number of forward-thinking musicians into the band — including Ralph Burns and Neal Hefti, who became its main arrangers.



Woody Herman once said;’What an immense influence he had on us! And what enthusiasm! He used to get around to hear everything. He was always screaming about this musician and that musician.”

Chubby Jacksonは1940年代Woody Herman Bandのベーシストとして有名です。
簡単にWoody Herman Bandに入団するまでの楽歴を振り返ってみます。
『Mike Riley, Johnny Messner, Raymond Scott,Jan Savitt, Terry Shand, and Nenry Busse』
1941年、彼はCharlie Barnet Bandに加入しました。
Charlie Barnetはベースソロを大きくフューチャーした演奏を始めました。
Chubby Jacksonはベースソロが目立つようにベースに5番目の弦を付けた。

シカゴのthe Kay Bass Companyは販売していたよ。」

1943年、Woody Herman bandに加入しました。
今日はWoody Herman楽団での演奏については省略させて頂きます。
演奏家以外の重要な働きとして、Ralph BurnsやNeal Hefti等の

Woody Herman は次のように語りました。

Here is Woody Herman and the First Herd play “Apple Honey”.
Woody Herman (cl, as, dir): Sonny Berman, Charles Frankhauser, Ray Wetzel, Pete Candoli, Carl Warwick (tp), Ralph Pfeffner, Bill Harris, Ed Kiefer (tb) / Sam Marowitz, John LaPorta (as, cl),Flip Phillips, Pete Mondello (ts), Skippy DeSair (bar) / Marjorie Hyams (vib),Ralph Burns (p), Billy Bauer(g),Chubby Jackson (sb), Dave Tough (ds).New York, September 10, 1944

Here is V-Disc 648 Esquire All-American Jazz Concert
Side A: Woody Herman and his Orchestra.
Side B: “Chubby” Jackson, Ralph Burns, Woody Herman and Duke Ellington.


Chubby Jackson(1)

May 22.2017

Yesterday, I listened to the omnibus record released on France CBS label.

“the New York scene in the 40’s” ~“FROM BE-BOP TO COOL”

This album includes unique tracks which stem from what was the “new jazz” in the 40’s.

I would like to post about the most inconspicuous player in the album.

At the time I purchased this album, I was absolutely not interested in four tunes by Chubby Jackson.

However, now I am most interested in Chubby’s recordings.

Chubby Jackson was born October 25 1918, in New York City.

He began at the age of seventeen as a clarinetist, but quickly changed to bass.

Then he became a professional bassist at 19 years old, and working regularly with dance bands.

Photo above of Chubby Jackson by courtesy of Talk Bass.com

このアルバムを購入した時Chubby Jacksonには全く関心がありませんでした。
しかし、現在ではChubby Jacksonが録音した4曲に最も興味を持っています。
今週、このアルバムで最も目立たないChubby Jacksonについて投稿します。
Chubby Jacksonは1918年10月25日、ニューヨーク市で生まれました。

Here is Chubby Jackson and His Orchestra play “Godchild”.

Here is Chubby Jackson plays “Northwest Passage”.
Chubby Jackson(b), Howard McGhee(tp), Flip Phillips(ts), Bill Harris(tb), Ralph Burns(p), Billy Bauer(g), Dave Tough(ds)    January 10, 1945, NYC

Good Time Jazz Record(3)

May 17.2017

Good Time Jazz label was located at 707 North Irving Boulevard in Los Angeles.

The label produced new releases and reissues, including recordings by Jelly Roll Morton, Bunk Johnson, Kid Ory, George Lewis.


Photo above of Aaron Copland by Wikipedia

Photo above of Gail Kubik by Wikipedia

Lester Koenig started also a label for classical music, Society for Forgotten Music (SFM).

When he worked with the director Wyler,he made friends with many of the composers such as Aaron Copland and Gail Kubik.

So Lester released “contemporary” classical music written by these composers .

In addition Lester contracted with Jesse Fuller who was San Francisco’s most famous musician in those days.

RecentlyI found an interesting photographs.

When Kid Ory was 67 old years, he recorded with his Creole Jazz Band in 1953.

Photo above of William Claxton by Wikipedia

William Claxton made photographs during the second recording session which took place at Capitol Studios in Hollywood in 1953.

It is noteworthy that a recording sound quality was high on the list.

Then high quality in sound recording was Koenig’s trademark.

I would like to post about Roy DuNann on another occasion.

William Claxton’s image by soundfountain.com

Good Time Jazzはロサンゼルス(707 North Irving Boulevard)で設立された。
又、クラシック音楽を専門とする「Society fo Forgotten Music」 も立ち上げました。
戦争中、Wyler監督と仕事をしていた時にAaron CoplandやGail Kubikのような現代音楽作曲家と親交があったことから、現代音楽シリーズも製作しました。さらに当時サンフランシスコで最も有名なミュージシャンであったJesse Fullerとも契約しました。
著名な写真家William Claxtonが1953年のKid Ory’s Creole Jazz Bandを撮影しています。
Lester Koenigが製作したレコードで注目すべきことは音質が非常に良いということです。
Lester Koenigが製作したジャズシリーズはBlue Noteシリーズと共に独特のサウンドです。
録音技師のRoy DuNannについては別の機会に投稿したいと思います。

Here is Kid Ory’s Creole Jazz Band play “Royal Garden Blues”.
Kid Ory (tb),Alvin Alcorn (tp),George Probert(cl),
Barney Kessel(g),Don Ewell(p),Ed Garland(b),Minor Hall(ds)
November 30 & December 2, 1954 Hollywood.

Here is Kid Ory’s Creole Jazz Band play “Blues for Jimmie Noone”.
Kid Ory (tb), Teddy Buckner (tp), Joe Darensbourg (cl), Lloyd Glenn (p), Ed Garland (b), Minor Hall (ds)  May 5, 1951

Here is Jesse Fuller plays “San Francisco Bay Blues”.
This song was made cover by Bob Dylan, and then Paul McCartney and Eric Clapton.

Good Time Jazz Record (2)

May 16.2017

Photo by Discogs

At Dartmouth College, Lester Koening was intent on movies and jazz.

He wrote record and film reviews.

One of his college mates at Dartmouth was Budd Schulberg, whose father, B.P. Schulberg, was then the head of Paramount Pictures.

Fortunately he received a telegram from Schulberg in 1939 and had a job as a writer at Paramount.

While he was working at Paramount, he would often drive up the coast at weekend.

Bacause he wanted to hear Lu Watters, Turk Murphy, and others at the Dawn Club.

Photo above of The Dawn Club(1940s) by courtesy the SF Trad Jazz Foundation.

During the war, he joined the Army Air Corps film unit and met a film director William Wyler.

So Lester was entrusted to write the narration for ‘Roman Holiday’.

Photo by Another Screen Credit On ‘Roman Holiday’? by courtesy DEADLINE/HOLLYWOOD

Photo by Another Screen Credit On ‘Roman Holiday’? by courtesy DEADLINE/HOLLYWOOD

After the war he began preparing for his own new jazz label,Good Time Jazz.

He founded new record label in 1949 and acquired most masters of Jazz Man Records in January 15, 1952.

Photo above of Nesuhi Ertegun, Kid Ory, Marili Morden at the Jazz Man Record Shop by courtesy Jim Leigh

Lester Koeningは学生時代(ダートマス大学)に映画とジャズ関連で熱心なレビューを書きました。
大学の友人であったBudd Schulbergが彼に幸運を招くことになりました。
Buddの父は後にParamount 映画社長になったB.P. Schulbergでした。
1939年に友人BuddからParamount 映画の作家として採用するという電報を受けました。
彼はParamountで働きながら週末には「Dawn Club」というジャズクラブに足繁く通いました。
「Dawn Club」ではLu Watters やTurk Murphy達が演奏を行なっていました。
戦争中には空軍の映画部門に従事し、William Wyler(映画監督)に出会いました。
Wyler監督はLester に「ローマの休日」等のナレーション(映画説明)台本を任せました。
戦後、自分の新しいジャズレーベルGood Time Jazz設立の準備を始めました。
1952年1月15日にLester は「Jazz Man Records」を買収しました。

Here is Lu Watters’ Yerba Buena Jazz Band play “Sunset Cafe Stomp”.
Bob Scobey, Lu Watters (cor) Turk Murphy (tb) Ellis Horne (cl) Wally Rose (p) Russ Bennett, Clancy Hayes (banjo) Squire Girsback (tuba) Bill Dart (ds)
San Francisco, CA, March 29, 1942