Cal Tjader(1)

May 05.2017

Last Sunday I joined Kobe Jazz Saloon(神戸Jazzサロン).

A vibraphone player joined the meeting by chance.

He had brought Cal’s CD and talked about Cal’s performance.

Cal Tjader died on 5 May 1982, aged 56.

So I would like to post about Cal Tjader.

Cal Tjader was born July 16, 1925 in St. Louis, Missour.

His mother was a concert pianist, his father a vaudeville performer.

He grew up with them on the road, tap- dancing his way through early childhood.

Then his family settled down in San Mateo on the San Francisco Peninsula, and his father opened a dancing school.

Photo above of Gene Krupa by

He joined the Dixieland band and played around the Bay Area.

At the age of sixteen he joined the drum solo contest of Gene Krupa.

He played “drum boogie” and won the championship.

When Cal graduated from San Francisco State College, he first met up with Dave Brubeck and Paul Desmond.

Photo above of Cal Tjader, Ron Crotty and Dave Brubeck, 1950 by courtesy of The Brubeck Institute is part of University of the Pacific, California

偶然、現役のヴィブラフォン奏者が出席されておられました。Cal TjaderのCDを持ってこられており、Calの演奏について演奏家の立場から詳しくお話しされました。
Cal Tjaderは1982年5月5日に56歳で死亡しています。そのような縁からCal Tjaderについて投稿したいと思います。
Cal Tjaderは1925年7月16日ミズール州セントルイスで生まれました。
彼が16歳の時、Gene Krupaのドラムソロコンテストに参加し優勝しました。
大学卒業後、Dave BrubeckとPaul Desmondと出会いジャズ人生が始まりました。

Here is Cal Tjader plays “Soul Sauce”. (1964)

Here is Eddie Palmieri and Cal Tjader play “We’ve Love Before”.

Here is Cal Tjader plays “Speak Low”.


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