Chubby Jackson(1)

May 22.2017

Yesterday, I listened to the omnibus record released on France CBS label.

“the New York scene in the 40’s” ~“FROM BE-BOP TO COOL”

This album includes unique tracks which stem from what was the “new jazz” in the 40’s.

I would like to post about the most inconspicuous player in the album.

At the time I purchased this album, I was absolutely not interested in four tunes by Chubby Jackson.

However, now I am most interested in Chubby’s recordings.

Chubby Jackson was born October 25 1918, in New York City.

He began at the age of seventeen as a clarinetist, but quickly changed to bass.

Then he became a professional bassist at 19 years old, and working regularly with dance bands.

Photo above of Chubby Jackson by courtesy of Talk

このアルバムを購入した時Chubby Jacksonには全く関心がありませんでした。
しかし、現在ではChubby Jacksonが録音した4曲に最も興味を持っています。
今週、このアルバムで最も目立たないChubby Jacksonについて投稿します。
Chubby Jacksonは1918年10月25日、ニューヨーク市で生まれました。

Here is Chubby Jackson and His Orchestra play “Godchild”.

Here is Chubby Jackson plays “Northwest Passage”.
Chubby Jackson(b), Howard McGhee(tp), Flip Phillips(ts), Bill Harris(tb), Ralph Burns(p), Billy Bauer(g), Dave Tough(ds)    January 10, 1945, NYC


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