The initial story of Oscar Peterson(1)

May 29.2017

Photo by courtesy of OKMusic

Yesterday I joined a jazz meeting in Kobe(神戸ジャズ愛好会5月例会).

An old member of the club introduced Oscar Peterson’s first recording.

Oscar Peterson – I Got Rhythm

Canada, April 30, 1945

Then Oscar Peterson made him one of the most popular jazz artists in history.

It’s embarrassing, but I have not heard eagerly about his recordings until now.

After going home from Kobe(神戸) I found an interesting clip by CBC Television.

It has been made in detail his life in this clip.

For example I do not know about his parents’ birthplace.

Ad by Toronto Star, November 5, 1945.

It will be ten years since his death in December.

There are huge numbers of his recordings.

I would like to investigate his music activities little by little until December.

So this week I will post about his early activity.

メンバーの方がOscar Petersonのファーストレコーディングを紹介しました。
『I Got Rhythm』 1945年4月30日録音
ご存知の通りOscar Petersonはその後、最も人気のあるジャズピアニストの一人になりました。
今年の12月にはOscar Peterson没後10年になります。
Oscar Petersonの録音は膨大な数がありますので、12月まで少しずつ彼の音楽活動を楽しみたいと思っています。

Here is Oscar Peterson Trio play “I Got Rhythm.”
Oscar Peterson (p) Bert Brown (b) Frank Gariepy (ds)
Montreal, April 30, 1945 RCA Masters (Canadian)

Here is Oscar Peterson trio with Count Basie in Prague 1974 .
Oscar Peterson (p), Count Basie (p), Niels-Henning Ørsted Pedersen (b), Butch Miles (ds) at International Jazz Festival Prague, 1974.


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