The initial story of Oscar Peterson(3)

May 31.2017

Photo above of Peterson with Russ Dufort(ds) and Armand Samson(g) by courtesy of
Concordia University

Photo above of Art Tatum by courtesy of

In his early days Peterson was influenced by Teddy Wilson, James P. Johnson and Art Tatum.

In particular, there is an interesting story about receiving his shock by Art Tatum’s recordings.

When his father played him Art Tatum’s “Tiger Rag”,he locked himself in his room and did not touch the piano for more than a week.

He talks about his situation at that time.

”I figured it was hopeless to practice. My mother and friends of mine persuaded me

to get back to it, but I’ve had the greatest respect for Art from then on.”

Photo above of James P. Johnson by courtesy of NPR

Photo above of Teddy Wilson by OKMusic

He was in his late teens and already an experienced professional musician.

Since 1942 he had been playing regularly with the Johnny Holmes Orchestra.

Photo above of Oscar Peterson and Johnny Holmes by courtesy

Then he left the orchestra in 1947 and began a residency at the Alberta Lounge, a club near Windsor Station.

He soon developed a reputation as a technically brilliant and melodically inventive jazz pianist for two years.

So he won a radio talent contest on Canada’s national network, the CBC in 1949.

As a result he became a regular performer on Canadian radio.

Oscar Peterson had a regular gig at Montreal’s Alberta Lounge.

デビュー前にOscar Peterson に影響を与えたピアニストとしては Teddy Wilson,とJames P. Johnson そしてArt Tatumが挙げられます。
彼が初めてArt Tatumの演奏を聞いた時、強い衝撃を受けたという興味深い話があります。
父親がArt Tatumの「Tiger Rag」のレコードを彼に聞かせた時のことです。


「いくら練習なんかしても無駄だと思いました。母と友人達は私が部屋から出るように説得しました。その時以降、Art Tarumに対してはずっと尊敬の念を持ち続けています。」

1942年以降はJohnny Holmes Orchestraに加入し定期的に演奏していました。
1947年に楽団を退団し、ウィンザー駅の近くにあったAlberta Loungeで本格的なジャズ演奏を始めました。

Here is Art Tatum plays “Tiger Rag”.

Here is Oscar peterson plays “Cakewalk (Noreen’s Nocturne)”.

Here is Oscar Peterson Trio play “Tenderly”.
Oscar Peterson (p), Herb Ellis (g), Ray Brown (b) in Brussels, Belgium 1957


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