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Lester Young at Philo label(2)

June 30.2017

Granz PR Photo

Photo above of Norman Granz by courtesy of Penn State News

Norman Granz had helped Lester young land a recording contract for the Philo label.

Actually  Norman Granz served as Supervisor for the Philo recordings.

Lester Young had a relation with Norman in the early 1940s.

In the late 1930s Lester Young had risen to prominence with Count Basie’s big band.

But Lester Young had left Basie in 1940.

Ella Fitzgerald with drummer Lee Young, and husband Ray Brown and Hank Jones (Photo by Michael Ochs Archives/Getty Images)

Then Lester and his brother, Lee Young had appeared in the clubs on Central Avenue in Los Angeles.

When Norman was a student at UCLA, he often had listened to Lester’s performance.

Since then, he became close to Lester.

Photo by Discogs

Photo by Wikipedia

Also Norman had a relation with Nat Cole in the early 1940s .

In those days Norman had been in Hollywood and used to hang out at the Swanee Inn.

The Swanee Inn was a nightclub where Nat Cole had been playing.

Fortunately Norman Granz and Nat Cole had a close friendship.

So the supervisor Norman arranged for them to meet for Philo’s recordings.

Norman GranzはLester YoungのPhilo録音に深く関わっています。
実際、Norman Granzはこのレコーディングのsupervisor(録音監督者)を務めました。
1940年代初めNorman GranzとLester Young は知り合いになっていました。
1930年代後半、Lester Young はCount Basie big Bandで大活躍していましたが、1940年に退団してしまいました。(退団の理由は諸説あります)
その後、弟のLee Young(ds)とバンドを結成しロサンゼルスのセントラルアベニューにあるクラブに出演していました。
同時期にNorman GranzはUCLAの学生で、Lester Young の演奏を熱心聞いていました。
それ以来Norman GranzとLester Young は懇意になリました。
又、Norman GranzはNat Coleとも仲の良い関係でした。
1940年代初期、Norman GranzはハリウッドにあったナイトクラブSwanee Innの常連でした。
Swanee InnではNat Coleがレギュラー出演しており、二人は気の置けない関係になりました。
そういうわけでNorman GranzはPhiloでの録音に二人を引き合わせました。

Here is Body Lester Young plays “Body and Soul”.

Lester Young at Philo label(1)

June 29.2017

Philo label was one of the first independent record companies on the West Coast.

It was founded in 1945 by the brothers Eddie and Leo Messner.

In those days they owned a record store in Los Angeles called the Philharmonic Music Shop.

When they formed the record label, they named it Philo, a shortening of the name of their record shop.

Philo had first recordings  Illinois Jacque’s Flying Home.

Then the name of Philo label was changed to Aladdin.

Please refer to Aladdin.Go here

Photo courtesy by Roots Viny Guide

I am interested in Lester’s recordings at Philo label.

I would like to post dividing into two or three times about Lester’s recordings.

“Lester Young, King Cole, Red Callender Trio”

This album was recorded as two 78rpm records in 1942.

Tracks included are: Body and Soul, Tea For Two, I Can’t Get Started and Indiana.

Photo courtesy by Popsike

この会社は2人の兄弟「Eddie Messnerと Leo Messner」によって
創業当時、兄弟はロサンゼルスで「The Philharmonic Music Shop」というレコード店を経営していました。
私は個人的にLester Youngのレコーディングに興味があります。
今回PhiloにおけるLester Youngの録音について2〜3回に分けて投稿します。
「Lester Young, King Cole, Red Callender Trio」(1942年7月15日 LAで録音)
「Body and Soul」「 Tea For Two」「 I Can’t Get Started」「 Indiana」

Here is Lester Young plays “I can’t get started”.
Los Angeles july 15 1942

Geri Allen discusses Erroll Garner 〜 Geri Allen, RIP

June 28.2017

Today I heard the sad news that Geri Allen passed away.

She produced the unreleased recordings by Eroll Garner as “The Complete Concert by the Sea”.

Last year I recognozed about this achivement of Geri Allen.

So I would like to post on how the “Complete Concert by the Sea” was released.

In 1955, Eroll Garner had playing in Carmel, California.

Actually there was no plan to formally record this live performance.

At the same time as the live concert started, Will Thornbury, who was an army wireless network engineer, started turning a monaural tape recorder.

Photo above, Martha Glaser and Erroll Garner in 1960

Martha Glaser,who was manager of Eroll Garner, found a tape recorder.

However, she did not stop recording.

After some complex process at Columbia label , this terrific recording tape was released as 12 inch LP.

Unfortunately 11 songs have been omitted due to the recording time.

After Eroll Garner died 2 January 1977, Glaser served as his property preservative.

Then Martha Glaser also died, her niece Susan Rosenberg inherited the heritage of Eroll Garner.

After that, Susan Rosenberg donated this musical heritage to the University of Pittsburgh.

Geli Allen was the director of the Jazz Institute at the University of Pittsburgh.

As a result, Geli Allen found 11 unreleased songs to be released as “The Complete Concert by the Sea”.

Geri Allen was talking about “The Complete Concert by the Sea”.

Please refer to abut Geli Allen. Go here

Geri Allenが亡くなったという悲しい知らせを知りました。
彼女はEroll Garnerの未発表録音を「The Complete Concert by the Sea」として制作しました。
昨年Geri Allenがこのアルバムの制作に携わったことを知りました。
そこで彼女を追悼するため「The Complete Concert by the Sea」が発売された経緯について投稿したいと思います。
1955年、Eroll Garnerはカリフォルニア州カーメルで演奏していました。
ライブコンサート開始と同時に、軍の無線ネットワークのエンジニアであったWill Thornburyという人物がテープレコーダーを廻し始めました。
Eroll GarnerのマネージャーであったMartha Glaserが無断で演奏を録音しているテープレコーダーを見つけ叱責したそうです。しかし、録音を止めることはしませんでした。
レコード会社との複雑な権利関係をクリアし、1956年にこの録音テープはColumbia Recordsから12インチのLPとして発売されました。但し、収録時間の関係で11曲が省略されてしまいました。
1977年1月2日、Eroll Garnerが死亡後もMartha Glaserは彼の財産保全人を務めていました。
そしてMartha Glaserの死亡に伴い彼女の姪であるSusan RosenbergにEroll Garnerの遺産が相続されました。
その後、Susan Rosenbergはこの音楽的な遺産をピッツバーグ大学に寄贈しました。
ピッツバーグ大学ジャズ研究所の責任者はGeli Allenでした。
その結果Geli Allenの尽力により未発表の11曲が発見され「The Complete Concert by the Sea」として発売されることになりました。
Geri Allenが「The Complete Concert by the Sea」の制作について語っているビデオを添付します。


Here is Erroll Garner plays “Stella by Starlight”.
It previously unreleased studio performances by Erroll Garner.

Here is Geri Allen discusses Erroll Garner

Here is Geri Allen plays “Lush Life”.

The “trombonist’s trombonist” Urbie Green(4)

June 24.2017

Urbie Green became one of the most sought-after trombonists for recording and club work in New York City.

He also collaborated on a series of albums with jazz producer Enoch Light.

Please refer to Wikipedia.Go here

Urbie Green recorded his late masterpieces with  Enoch Light.

Then he guested on recordings by Wes Montgomery, Jimmy Smith, Antonio Carlos Jobim, Astrud Gilberto and Cal Tjader.

Photo above of Creed Taylor and Wes Montgomery by courtesy of pinterst.com

I guess the producer Creed Taylor evaluated his musical sense.

In the 1970s, Green moved to a farm in Pennsylvania, but continued to do session recording.

He is still alive.

Urbie Greenはニューヨークにおいて、スタジオ録音やジャズクラブ演奏で最も人気の高いトロンボーン奏者の一人になりました
又、プロデューサーEnoch Lightと共に音響的に優れたアルバムを制作しています。
Enoch Lightについてはこちらをクリックして下さい
Urbie Greenは後期代表作をレコーディングしました。
その後、Wes Montgomery, Jimmy Smith, Antonio Carlos Jobim,Astrud Gilberto等のスタジオレコーデイングに名前を連ねています。
これら諸作のプロデューサーCreed TaylorがUrbie Greenの音楽的センスを評価した結果であると思います。

Here is Urbie Green plays “Skylark”.

Here is Urbie Green plays “At Last”.

Here is Urbie Green plays “The Flight of the Bumble-Bee” (N. Rimsky-Korsakov).

The “trombonist’s trombonist” Urbie Green(3)

June 23.2017

Urbie Green recorded frequently as a leader in the 1950s for Blue Note, Vanguard, Bethlehem, ABC-Paramount.

His first recording was “Urbie Green Septet” at BlueNote label.

In the early 1950s, Blue Note label was recording a variety of jazz style performances.

It was an experimental period as much as one of achievement.

For example, he had also participated in the experimental jazz recording of Gil Melle.

After that, he had recorded the leader works to a company other than BlueNote label.

1950年代、Urbie GreenはBlueNote、Vanguard、Bethlehem、ABC-Paramount等のレコード会社にリーダー作品を録音しています。
リーダーとして最初のレコーディングはUrbie Green Septet(BlueNoteでした)。
又、Gil Melleのようなその当時では前衛的なジャズも製作しており、1953年の録音にはUrbie Greenも参加しています。
その後、Urbie GreenはBlueNote以外の会社(Vanguard, Bethlehem, ABC-Paramount)にリーダー作品を録音しました。

Here is Urbie Green Septet play “New faces, new sounds”(1953)
Doug Mettome (tp) Urbie Green (tb) John Murtaugh (ts) Sam Staff (bs) Jimmy Lyon (p) Danny Martucci (b) Jimmy Campbell (ds)
December 27, 1953

Here is Gil Melle Quintet play “Lover Man”.
Urbie Green (tb) Gil Melle (ts, bs) Tal Farlow (g) Clyde Lombardi (b) Joe Morello (ds)
October 25, 1953

Here is Urbie Green Octet play “Lullaby of Birdland”.(Vanguard)
Ruby Braff (tp), Urbie Green (tb), Med Flory (as), Frank Wess (fl), Sir Charles Thompson (p), Freddie Green (g), Aaron Bell (b), Bobby Donaldson (ds)

Here is Urbie Green Quintet play “You Are Too Beautiful”.(ABC-Paramount)
Urbie Green (tb), Jimmy Raney (g), Dave McKenna (p), Percy Heath (b), Kenny Clarke (ds)

The “trombonist’s trombonist” Urbie Green(2)

June 22.2017



Photo above of Woody Herman by Wikipedia

When Urbie Green was 24 years old,he joined Woody Herman’s Thundering Herd.

In those days Woody Herman was contracted with MGM label.

In 1951 Herman’s band recorded four pop tunes for MGM, “Lonesome Gal.” “Searching,” “Jet” and “Ninety-Nine Guys.”


Photo by Discogs

So he earned wide acclaim because his ballad style provided a contrast to Herman’s previous First Herd trombone star, Bill Harris.

During this period Carl Fontana was also joined in trombone section.

The leader Woody appointed either of them as a solo performer according to the atmosphere of the song.

Naturally Urbie Green had a good performance at ballad tunes.

After leaving Woody’s band he was voted the “New Star” trombonist in the International Critics Poll from Down Beat magazine in 1954.


Photo above of Carl Fontana by courtesy of Carlfontana.com


Photo by Discogs

Urbie Greenは24歳の時Woody Herman’s Thundering Herdに加入しました。
その当時Woody HermanはMGMレコードと録音契約を締結していました。
「Lonesome Gal」「 Searching」「Jet」「Ninety-Nine Guys」
Woody Herman First Herdに在籍していたトロンボーン奏者Bill Harrisとは全く正反対のバラード演奏が好評を博し、Urbie Greenの人気は高まりました。
尚、トロンボーン部門には名手Carl Fontanaも彼の隣に座っていました。
リーダーのWoody Hermanは演奏する曲の雰囲気に合わせ、二人のどちらかにソロ演奏の指示をしました。
当然Urbie Greenはバラード曲を得意とし、Carl Fontanaは前任のBill Harrisに負けない攻撃的な演奏をしました。
Hermanバンドを脱退した後、1954年にはDown Beat誌の国際批評家による投票で新人賞に選ばれました。

Here is Urbie Green plays “Autumn Leaves”.
Urbie Green(tb),Zoot Sims(ts), Russ Tompkins(p),
Ray Brown(b), Jake Hanna(ds) (1982)

Here is Urbie Green plays “Dream”.

The “trombonist’s trombonist” Urbie Green(1)

June 21.2017

Photo above of Urbie Green by Wikipedia

Last week I posted about female trombone player Melba Liston.

I will introduce about the same instrument player who was born in the same year as Melba.

Urbie Green was born August 8, 1926 in Mobile, Alabama and has been known as the “trombonist’s trombonist.”

He has approximately 30 albums under his own name.

Recently I purchased a few albums at second hand record shop in Osaka.

Photo above of Melba Liston by tumblr

Please see a poor photo I took.

So I would like to write about his achievements.

In childfood he was lessoned the piano by his mother.

When he was about 12, he picked up a trombone.

Photo above of Jack Jenney by Wikipedia

In those days he listened to such trombone greats as Tommy Dorsey, J. C. Higginbotham, Jack Jenney, Jack Teagarden and Trummy Young.

When he was sixteen,he was working professionally with Tommy Reynolds’ band in California.

Then he played  with Jan Savitt, Frankie Carle, Gene Krupa.

Photo above of Gene Krupa by Drummerszone.com

先週、女性トロンボーン奏者Melba Listonについて投稿しました。
Urbie Greenは1926年8月8日、アラバマ州に生まれました。
Urbie Greenの楽歴について調べてみました。
「Tommy Dorsey, J. C. Higginbotham, Jack Jenney, Jack Teagarden and Trummy Young」
16歳の時、Tommy Reynolds bandの一員としてプロの仕事を開始しました。
その後、Jan Savitt, Frankie Carle, Gene Krupaら著名なバンドで活躍しました。

Here is Urbie Green plays “Round Midnight”.