The relationship between Chubby Jackson and Lennie Tristano

June 04.2017

Photo by courtesy of All About Jazz

Last week I’ve posted about Chubby Jackson last week.

I want to write an additional interesting story about Chubby Jackson.

Last year I have read the biography of Lennie Tristano.

There is an interesting description about Cubby Jackson in this book.

I will quote “His Life in Music (27p)” by the author ;Eunmi Shim.

“Lennie and Judy Tristano arrived in Freeport, Long Island, in the summer of 1946,’
where theystayed with Chubby Jackson and his mother before moving to New York City later that year.
Freeport,Jackson’s hometown, was populated by many vaudevillians, and Jackson retainedhis interest in vaudeville throughout his career as a jazz musician.
He described thecir cumstances of Tristano’s arrival:
“Freeport was the home of all vaudevillians. Many yearsago, my mother was
in vaudeville for forty-two years. . . . I brought him [Tristano] out there and Mom played piano. . . .
There was a piano in her living room and naturally Lennie went to the piano before he went to the bathroom. . . .”

Chubby had taken care of Lennie Tristano in his home in Freeport.N.Y.

Also I realized Freeport was populated by many vaudevillians and his mother was in vaudeville for forty-two years.

I understood that there was ”vaudeville” in Chubby’s musical background.

In 1946 Lennie Tristano decided to move his music school from Chicago to NY.

I guess Chubby had evaluated the talent of Lennie Tristano.

Probably Chubby wanted to take care of the blind man at his home.

The relationship between Cubby Jackson and Lennie Tristano whose character is completely different musically is very interesting for me.

Photo above of The Sigmond Opera House
It was originally a vaudeville theater and later a cinema.

In addition I found a valuable fact by Wikipedia.

Guy Lombardo lived in Freeport during the latter portion of his life.

So the street he lived was later named Guy Lombardo Avenue.

先週、Chubby Jacksonについて投稿しましたが、もう一つだけ興味深い話があるのでお付き合い下さい。
昨年、Lennie Tristanoの伝記の一部を読みましたが、その記述の中でCubby Jacksonが登場します。

以下、”His Life in Music “作者 Eunmi Shimの27ページを要約します。

「1946年の夏、Lennie Tristanoと妻Judyは、Long IslandのFreeportに到着し、Chubby Jacksonと彼の母親の自宅に短期間一緒に暮らしました。



Lennie は毎夜入浴する前にChubbyの母のリビングにあるピアノを弾いたそうです」

Lennie TristanoがNYに移る途中にChubbyの自宅に立ち寄った時の記述です。

ChubbyがFreeportの自宅でLennie Tristanoの世話をしたことを知りました。



又、Chubbyは目が不自由であってもLennie Tristanoの才能を高く評価しNYまでの途中に立ち寄ったLennieの世話したかったのでしょう。

音楽的には正反対であったCubby JacksonとLennie Tristanoの関係が私にとっては興味深いものです。


Guy Lombardoが晩年をFreeportで過ごしていました。彼が住んでいた通りは後に「Guy Lombardo Avenue」という名前になったそうです。

Here is Chubby Jackson and Big Band play “Lemon Drop”(1949)
Al Porcino, Norman Faye, Charlie Walp(tp), Bob Swope, Mario Doane(tb) Frank Socollow (as). Al Young, Ray Turner (ts), Marty Flax (bs), Gene DeNovi (p), Curley Russell (b),Tiny Kahn(ds), Paula Castle (vo) Teddy Charles (vib) Joe Harris (perc), Chubby Jackson (cond)

Here is Lennie Tristano plays “Lullaby of the Leaves” (Copenhagen 1965)


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