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June 06.2017

Photo above of Johnny Pate by courtesy of

Photo above of Curtis Mayfield by Wikipedia

Johnny Pate arranged a Curtis Mayfield song, “Monkey Time”.

It was a big hit for Major Lance in 1963.

Pate’s collaboration with Curtis Mayfield produced most of the well-known Impressions tracks including “Amen,” “We’re A Winner” .

Also he produced B.B. King: Live at the Regal.

Unfortunately I am not familiar with Curtis Mayfield and B.B. King.

Also he scored soundtracks for films including “Shaft in Africa (1973).”

But I am very interested in Johnny Pate as jazz bassist and rhythm and blues arranger.

This week I would like to focus on Johnny Pate who was the producer of their works.

Johnny Pate was born December 5, 1923 in Chicago.

He learned to play piano and tuba as a child.

Then Johnny Pate is a self-taught bassist and arranger in the Army during World War II.

So he had learned these skills while serving Army Band.


1963年、Johnny PateはCurtis Mayfieldによるヒット作品「Monkey Time」の編曲に携わりました。
その後、Curtis MayfieldはThe Impressionsというグループで ”Amen”や “We’re A Winner”などの名曲をヒットさせました。
又、B.B.Kingのライブ名盤『Live at the Regal』もPateが製作しました。
更にPateは「Shaft in Africa(1973)」などの映画音楽でも成功しています。
私はCurtis MayfieldやB.B. Kingについてあまり詳しくありません。
しかし、ジャズ界におけるJohnny Pateの活躍には大いに興味があります。

今週はJohnny Pateについて調べてみたいと思います。
Johnny Pateは1923年12月5日にシカゴで生まれました。
子供の頃にピアノ と チューバを演奏したそうです。

Here is  The Impressions play “Amen”.
(Curtis Mayfield , Sam Gooden , Fred Cash)

Here is Johnny Pate Plays “Shaft in Africa”.


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