Johnny Pate(2)

June 07.2017

In 1946 Johnny Pate was discharged and moved to New York City.

Oscar Pettiford helped him get started in NYC.

Johnny Pate played with Coleridge Davis’ big band from 1947 to 1949.

Photo above of Coleridge Davis & his Hardy Brothers Washingtonians

Although Coleridge Davis’ big band was not famous in those days, I found an interesting talking by Count Basie.

Count Basie’s band and Coleridge Davis & his Hardy Brothers Washingtonians seem to have been rivalry over the appearance at Atlantic City.

Then he worked with the innovative pre-bop jazz violinist Stuff Smith.

Please refer to my previous post about Stuff Smith.Go here

1946年、Johnny Pateは軍隊を退役しニューヨークに移りました。
ニューヨークではOscar Pettifordが彼の仕事の面倒を見てくれました。
1947年から1949年の間、Coleridge Davisのバンドに加入しました。
Coleridge Davisバンドについては詳しい資料は見当たりませんが、Count Basieによる興味深い話を一つ見つけました。
Count BasieバンドとColeridge Davis & his Hardy Brothers Washingtonians はAtlantic Cityの出演を競ったライバル関係だったそうです。
その後、ジャズバイオリニストのStuff Smithと仕事をしました。
Stuff Smithに関しては、過去の投稿を参照して下さい。

Here is Stuff Smith and his Onyx Club Boys play “Here comes the man with the jive” (1936).

Here is Oscar Pettiford and Attila Zoller play “The Gentle Art of Love”.
June 15, 1959( Austrian TV )

Here is Johnny Pate Trio play “Huff’s Bluff.
Willie Huff(p),Johnny Pate(b),Walter Grant(ds)
Chicago, October 16, 17, 1958


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