Johnny Pate(4)

June 09.2017

Johnny Pate had recorded as a bassist with his own trio on the Federal, King, Gig, Salem, and MGM labels.

There is a wonderful HP that introduced about the early recordings of Johnny Pate.Go here

In 1958 he played bass was James Moody’s album “Last Train from Overbrook.” at Argo Records.

This album was one of his last works as a bassist.

His music career had gradually changed as a producer and an arranger from playing a musical instrument.

In the 1960s he produced or arranged some famous albums.

He produced “B.B. King Live at the Regal” in 1964.

This recording is considered by many to be one of the definitive blues albums.

Photo above courtesy of OKMusic

In 1964 he received a significant work from Creed Taylor.

Creed Taylor selected him as the arranger and conductor for Wes Montgomery’s album “Movin’ Wes”.

This album was Montgomery’s debut album on the Verve label and sold more than 100,000 copies initially.

Photo above of Creed Taylor and Wes Montgomery by courtesy of Pinterest

Same year he produced and arranged Shirley Horn’s album at ABC-Paramount Records ,”Travlin’ Light” .

In 1969 he produced a large jazz orchestra’s recordings in Verve.

The album was “Round Trip “by Phil Woods.

Johnny Pateは『 Federal, King, Gig, Salem, MGM』といったレコード会社に自己の名義で録音しています。Johnny Pateの初期の録音について紹介した素晴らしいHPがあります。こちらをクリックして下さい。
1958年、Argo社の James Moody「 Last Train from Overbrook」でベースを弾いています。
1964年「 B.B. King Live at the Regal」を制作しました。
1965年に Creed Taylorから重要な仕事を引受ました。
Creed Taylor(私は名伯楽であると思います)はWes Montgomery「Movin ‘Wes」の編曲者と指揮者として彼を抜擢しました。
このアルバムはVerveにおけるWes Montgomeryのデビューアルバムで、当初10万枚以上売れたそうです。
同年、ABC Records社でShirley Horn「Travlin ‘Light」を製作しました。
1969年、Verveで大編成によるPhil Woods “Round Trip”を制作しました。

Here is James Moody Plays “Last Train From Overbrook”.
James Moody(,Flip Ricard, Earl Turner, Sonny Cohn(tp),John Avant(tb),Bill Atkins, Lenny Druss(as),Vito Price, Sandy Mosse, Eddie Johnson(ts),Pat Patrick(bs),Junior Mance(p),Johnny Pate(b),John Gray(g),Red Holt(ds) September , 1958 Chicago

Here is B.B. King sings “Every Day I Have The Blues”.
November 21, 1964(Live At The Regal)

Here is Wes Montgomery plays “Movin Wes”.

Here is Shirley Horn play “I Could Have Told You”.

Here is Phil Woods plays “Love Song For A Dead Che”.


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