Melba Liston(2)

June 14.2017

Photo courtesy by Black Kudos

Melba Liston was born in Kansas City on January 13, 1926.

At the age of six, she heard Fats Waller on the radio and felt the deepest emotion.

Then she became to hum his songs.

Fats Waller

Photo above of Fats Waller by All About Jazz


When she was seven years old, Melba selected the trombone as her instrument of choice as part of her elementary school’s new music program.

Melba reminisced about look back on her childhood,

“just beautiful, standing up in the shop window like a mannequin, and I was just mesmerized by it… it just did something to me.”

But she was told that the trombone was difficult to master.

Melba began to teach herself to play by ear.

After a year later, she was good enough to play a solo on a local radio station.

In 1936 her family moved to Los Angeles.

Fortunately she studied with a woman named Alma Hightower.

Please refer to about Alma Hightower.Go here

She studied with Hightower for a few years but by the time she reached the age of sixteen.

Photo above of Dexter Gordon by courtesy of OKMusic

So she decided to become a professional musician and joined the musicians union.

Also She became friends with the saxophonist Dexter Gordon and the multi-instrumentalist Eric Dolphy in McKinley Junior High School.

Photo above of Eric Dolphy by courtesy of All Music

Melba Listonは1926年1月13日にカンザスシティで生まれました。
6歳の時にラジオから聞こえてくるFats Wallerの歌声に感動し、Fatsの歌を口ずさむようになったそうです。
1936年、彼女は家族と共にはLos Angelesに移りました。
幸いなことに、Alma Hightowerという有名な女性音楽家に師事することになりました。
Alma Hightowerについてはこちらをクリックして下さい。
又、その当時に通学していたMcKinley Junior High SchoolではDexter Gordon やthe  Eric Dolphy とは友人になっていました。

Here is Melba Liston and her Bones play “Insomnia”.
Melba Liston, Frank Rehak(tb),
Marty Flax(bs),Walter Davis Jr(p), Nelson Boyd(b),Charlie Persip(ds) NYC June 1956


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