Melba Liston(3)

June 15.2017


Photo above by Melba Liston and Dexter Gordon joke around during a Dial Records recording session on June 5th, 1947 in Los Angeles.

Melba ’s teacher Alma Hightower ran a big band made up of children from the neighbourhood.

Naturally Melba Liston was also participating in the a big band.

Then she decided to become a professional musician and joined the musicians union.

Photo above of the Los Angeles Lincoln Theater

At 16,she became a member of the band of the Los Angeles Lincoln Theater.

Also she began composing and arranging for other acts performing at Lincoln Theater.

By the 1940s Liston was getting some of her earliest chances to prove herself in Los Angeles’ thriving jazz scene.

Photo above of Gerald Wilson by courtesy of Past Daily

In 1943 she joined Gerald Wilson’s progressive big-band.

She recorded one of her her early compositions, “Warm Mood,” with Gerald Wilson’s orchestra.

From L to R, Melba Liston, Charles Fox, Chuck Thompson, Ross Russell and Dexter Gordon

Also she was invited to make a recording with Dexter Gordon who was a former classmate.

She soloed on a tune that Dexter dedicated to her called “Mischievous Lady”.

In 1948 she joined Dizzy Gillespie’s big band.

Photo above of Melba Liston with Dizzy Gillespie’s Big Band by courtesy of The Charlie Menees Collection.

Melba enjoyed working in this exciting band full of talented artists.

Unfortunately Gillespie disbanded the group only a year later.

Then she and her former bandleader Gerald Wilson toured with Billie Holiday in the South in 1950.

Photo above of Billie Holiday by William Gottlieb

Alma Hightower先生は自宅の近くに住む子供たちを集めビッグバンドを運営していました。もちろんMelba Listonもアマチュアバンドに参加しました。
1943年、Gerald Wilsonをリーダーとするビッグバンドに参加しました。
Gerald Wilsonバンドと共に初期の名曲「Warm Mood」を録音しました。
又、同級生であった Dexter GordonによるDialセッションに招かれました。
このレコーデイングでは「Mischievous Lady」と「Lullaby In Rythm」を録音しました。
1948年、Dizzy Gillespie率いるビッグバンドに参加しました。
残念なことにDizzy Gillespieはこのグループを1年で解散しました。
Gillespieバンド解散後、元バンドリーダーであったGerald Wilsonと共にBillie Holidayの南部巡業に同行しました。

Here is All American Girl Band with Melba Liston play “Start Swingin” .(1945).

Here is Dexter Gordon Quintet with Melba Liston play “Mischievous Lady”.
Dexter Gordon Quintet
Melba Liston (tb), Dexter Gordon (ts) ,Charles Fox (p) ,Red Callender (b) ,Chuck Thompson (ds)
Hollywood, CA, June 5, 1947


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