Urbie Green(1)

June 21.2017

Photo above of Urbie Green by Wikipedia

Photo above of Melba Liston

Last week I posted about female trombone player Melba Liston.

I will introduce about the same instrument player who was born in the same year as Melba.

Urbie Green was born August 8, 1926 in Mobile, Alabama and has been known as the “trombonist’s trombonist.”

He has approximately 30 albums under his own name.

Recently I purchased a few albums at second hand record shop in Osaka.

Please see a poor photo I took.

So I would like to write about his achievements.

In childfood he was lessoned the piano by his mother.

When he was about 12, he picked up a trombone.

Photo above of Jack Jenney by Wikipedia

In those days he listened to such trombone greats as Tommy Dorsey, J. C. Higginbotham, Jack Jenney, Jack Teagarden and Trummy Young.

When he was sixteen,he was working professionally with Tommy Reynolds’ band in California.

Then he played  with Jan Savitt, Frankie Carle, Gene Krupa.

Photo above of Gene Krupa by Drummerszone.com

先週、女性トロンボーン奏者Melba Listonについて投稿しました。
Urbie Greenは1926年8月8日、アラバマ州に生まれました。
今週はUrbie Greenの業績について投稿します。
「Tommy Dorsey, J. C. Higginbotham, Jack Jenney, Jack Teagarden and Trummy Young」
16歳の時、Tommy Reynolds bandの一員としてプロの仕事を開始しました。
その後、Jan Savitt, Frankie Carle, Gene Krupaら著名なバンドで活躍しました。

Here is Urbie Green plays “Round Midnight”.



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