The “trombonist’s trombonist” Urbie Green(3)

June 23.2017

Urbie Green recorded frequently as a leader in the 1950s for Blue Note, Vanguard, Bethlehem, ABC-Paramount.

His first recording was “Urbie Green Septet” at BlueNote label.

In the early 1950s, Blue Note label was recording a variety of jazz style performances.

It was an experimental period as much as one of achievement.

For example, he had also participated in the experimental jazz recording of Gil Melle.

After that, he had recorded the leader works to a company other than BlueNote label.

1950年代、Urbie GreenはBlueNote、Vanguard、Bethlehem、ABC-Paramount等のレコード会社にリーダー作品を録音しています。
リーダーとして最初のレコーディングはUrbie Green Septet(BlueNoteでした)。
又、Gil Melleのようなその当時では前衛的なジャズも製作しており、1953年の録音にはUrbie Greenも参加しています。
その後、Urbie GreenはBlueNote以外の会社(Vanguard, Bethlehem, ABC-Paramount)にリーダー作品を録音しました。

Here is Urbie Green Septet play “New faces, new sounds”(1953)
Doug Mettome (tp) Urbie Green (tb) John Murtaugh (ts) Sam Staff (bs) Jimmy Lyon (p) Danny Martucci (b) Jimmy Campbell (ds)
December 27, 1953

Here is Gil Melle Quintet play “Lover Man”.
Urbie Green (tb) Gil Melle (ts, bs) Tal Farlow (g) Clyde Lombardi (b) Joe Morello (ds)
October 25, 1953

Here is Urbie Green Octet play “Lullaby of Birdland”.(Vanguard)
Ruby Braff (tp), Urbie Green (tb), Med Flory (as), Frank Wess (fl), Sir Charles Thompson (p), Freddie Green (g), Aaron Bell (b), Bobby Donaldson (ds)

Here is Urbie Green Quintet play “You Are Too Beautiful”.(ABC-Paramount)
Urbie Green (tb), Jimmy Raney (g), Dave McKenna (p), Percy Heath (b), Kenny Clarke (ds)


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