Lester Young at Philo label(1)

June 29.2017

Philo label was one of the first independent record companies on the West Coast.

It was founded in 1945 by the brothers Eddie and Leo Messner.

In those days they owned a record store in Los Angeles called the Philharmonic Music Shop.

When they formed the record label, they named it Philo, a shortening of the name of their record shop.

Philo had first recordings  Illinois Jacque’s Flying Home.

Then the name of Philo label was changed to Aladdin.

Please refer to Aladdin.Go here

Photo courtesy by Roots Viny Guide

I am interested in Lester’s recordings at Philo label.

I would like to post dividing into two or three times about Lester’s recordings.

“Lester Young, King Cole, Red Callender Trio”

This album was recorded as two 78rpm records in 1942.

Tracks included are: Body and Soul, Tea For Two, I Can’t Get Started and Indiana.

Photo courtesy by Popsike

この会社は2人の兄弟「Eddie Messnerと Leo Messner」によって
創業当時、兄弟はロサンゼルスで「The Philharmonic Music Shop」というレコード店を経営していました。
私は個人的にLester Youngのレコーディングに興味があります。
今回PhiloにおけるLester Youngの録音について2〜3回に分けて投稿します。
「Lester Young, King Cole, Red Callender Trio」(1942年7月15日 LAで録音)
「Body and Soul」「 Tea For Two」「 I Can’t Get Started」「 Indiana」

Here is Lester Young plays “I can’t get started”.
Los Angeles july 15 1942



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