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Urbie Green(1)

June 21.2017

Photo above of Urbie Green by Wikipedia

Photo above of Melba Liston

Last week I posted about female trombone player Melba Liston.

I will introduce about the same instrument player who was born in the same year as Melba.

Urbie Green was born August 8, 1926 in Mobile, Alabama and has been known as the “trombonist’s trombonist.”

He has approximately 30 albums under his own name.

Recently I purchased a few albums at second hand record shop in Osaka.

Please see a poor photo I took.

So I would like to write about his achievements.

In childfood he was lessoned the piano by his mother.

When he was about 12, he picked up a trombone.

Photo above of Jack Jenney by Wikipedia

In those days he listened to such trombone greats as Tommy Dorsey, J. C. Higginbotham, Jack Jenney, Jack Teagarden and Trummy Young.

When he was sixteen,he was working professionally with Tommy Reynolds’ band in California.

Then he played  with Jan Savitt, Frankie Carle, Gene Krupa.

Photo above of Gene Krupa by Drummerszone.com

先週、女性トロンボーン奏者Melba Listonについて投稿しました。
Urbie Greenは1926年8月8日、アラバマ州に生まれました。
今週はUrbie Greenの業績について投稿します。
「Tommy Dorsey, J. C. Higginbotham, Jack Jenney, Jack Teagarden and Trummy Young」
16歳の時、Tommy Reynolds bandの一員としてプロの仕事を開始しました。
その後、Jan Savitt, Frankie Carle, Gene Krupaら著名なバンドで活躍しました。

Here is Urbie Green plays “Round Midnight”.

Melba Liston(5)

June 17.2017

Photo above of Randy Weston with Melba Liston and Freddie Hubbard by courtesy of JazzTimes

At the beginning of the 1960s Melba Liston collaborated with pianist Randy Weston.

Their collaborations produced several notable albums including the critically acclaimed albums Uhuru Afrika (1960) and Highlife (1963).

Randy Weston said about Melba;”Melba is incredible; she hears what I do and then expands it.She will create a melody that sounds like I created it. She’s just a great, great arranger.”

Acutually she was a pioneer in the explicit melding of contemporary African rhythms and intonations with American jazz.

In the 1960s she took on work for other jazz artists such as Milt Jackson and Johnny Griffin.

During the 1970’s, she spent six years in Jamaica on a music education appointment at the University of Jamaica and served as director of popular music studies at the Jamaica Institute of Music.

Unfortunately, her health declined with the first of several strokes in 1986.

Melba Liston passed away in 1999.

In later years, Melba spoke candidly about the extreme difficulties of being a female jazz musician during this era.

However, despite consistent abuse by male musicians, Melba found strength and motivation in her music.

Photo above of Mary Louwilliams and Melba Liston by courtesy of tumblr.com

1960年代初頭、Melba ListonはRandy Westonと音楽活動を開始しました。
Uhuru Afrika(1960), Highlife(1963)
又、Milt Jackson や Johnny Griffinのアルバムに編曲を提供し、録音現場ではオーケストラの指揮も手掛けました。
そしてMelba Listonは1999年に亡くなりました。

Here is Randy Weston with Melba Liston play “Babe’s Blues”.(1958)
Randy Weston(p), Johnny Griffin(ts) Ray Copeland ,Idrees Sulieman(tp),Melba Liston (tb),George Joyner(b),Charlie Persip(ds),Langston Hughes(Liner Notes)

Here is Milt Jackson and Big Brass play “For someone I love”.

Here is Melba Liston’s performance and the commentary of Marian McPartland by Women in Jazz 1981.


Melba Liston(4)

June 16.2017

Photo above of Buck Clayton band with Melba Liston by courtesy of UMKC WordPress

Melba Liston had a particularly difficult time when she went on a Southern tour with Billie Holiday.

Southern racism was rife and the crowds were sparse.

After returning her home,she put her trombone down.

She took a desk job at the Los Angeles School Board and won some small movie roles.

She said of this experience:

“I had a long thing with Lana Turner and walked around behind her playing a harp in The Prodigal (1955) and was a member of the palace orchestra in The Ten Commandments. “

In 1956 Melba Liston returned to playing her trombone in Dizzy Gillespie’s orchestra commissioned by the U.S. State Department as a musical ambassador of the U.S. in South America.

She wrote and arranged many of her most memorable tunes during her work with Dizzy’s ambassador orchestra including “Stella By Starlight,” “My Reverie,” and “The Gypsy.”

Photo above of Dizzy in South America: Official U.S. State Department Tour, 1956 by courtesy of AvaxHome

In 1958, Melba Liston recorded her only album as a leader, “Melba Liston and Her ‘Bones” – a true gem in jazz history.

At the end of the 1950s, Liston joined up with Quincy Jones’ big band as it headed over to Europe.

Liston played trombone, soloed, and contributed both charts and original compositions to Jones’ orchestra.

Also she arranged and conducted the bassist Charles Mingus 1962 Town Hall Concert.

Melba Listonが同行したBillie Holidayの南部への興行は困難を極めた。

「The Prodigal(1955制作)ではLana Turnerの後ろで歩き廻りながらハープを演奏したり、「十戒」では宮殿でのオーケストラのメンバーの一人として演奏していました。」

1956年、米国務省初の親善大使としてDizzy Gillespieが率いたオーケストラに加入しトロンボーンを演奏しました。
この時「Stella By Starlight」「My Reverie」「The Gypsy」など記憶に残る編曲をDizzy Gillespieオーケストラに提供しました。
1958年、彼女の唯一のリーダーアルバムになった「Melba Liston and Her ‘Bones」をレコーディングしています。
1950年代末、Quincy Jonesバンドに参加しヨーロッパ各地で演奏しました。
1962年、Charles Mingus Town Hall Concertでは編曲を提供しオーケストラの指揮者としても参加しています。

Here is Melba Liston and Her Bones play “Zagred This”.
Melba Liston, Frank Rehak(tb),Marty Flax(bs),
Walter Davis Jr(p),Nelson Boyd(b), Charlie Persip(ds)
June 1956

Here is Quincy Jones band with Melba Liston play “My Reverie”.

Melba Liston(3)

June 15.2017


Photo above by jazzinphoto-Wordpress.com Melba Liston and Dexter Gordon joke around during a Dial Records recording session on June 5th, 1947 in Los Angeles.

Melba ’s teacher Alma Hightower ran a big band made up of children from the neighbourhood.

Naturally Melba Liston was also participating in the a big band.

Then she decided to become a professional musician and joined the musicians union.

Photo above of the Los Angeles Lincoln Theater

At 16,she became a member of the band of the Los Angeles Lincoln Theater.

Also she began composing and arranging for other acts performing at Lincoln Theater.

By the 1940s Liston was getting some of her earliest chances to prove herself in Los Angeles’ thriving jazz scene.

Photo above of Gerald Wilson by courtesy of Past Daily

In 1943 she joined Gerald Wilson’s progressive big-band.

She recorded one of her her early compositions, “Warm Mood,” with Gerald Wilson’s orchestra.

From L to R, Melba Liston, Charles Fox, Chuck Thompson, Ross Russell and Dexter Gordon

Also she was invited to make a recording with Dexter Gordon who was a former classmate.

She soloed on a tune that Dexter dedicated to her called “Mischievous Lady”.

In 1948 she joined Dizzy Gillespie’s big band.

Photo above of Melba Liston with Dizzy Gillespie’s Big Band by courtesy of The Charlie Menees Collection.

Melba enjoyed working in this exciting band full of talented artists.

Unfortunately Gillespie disbanded the group only a year later.

Then she and her former bandleader Gerald Wilson toured with Billie Holiday in the South in 1950.

Photo above of Billie Holiday by William Gottlieb

Alma Hightower先生は自宅の近くに住む子供たちを集めビッグバンドを運営していました。もちろんMelba Listonもアマチュアバンドに参加しました。
1943年、Gerald Wilsonをリーダーとするビッグバンドに参加しました。
Gerald Wilsonバンドと共に初期の名曲「Warm Mood」を録音しました。
又、同級生であった Dexter GordonによるDialセッションに招かれました。
このレコーデイングでは「Mischievous Lady」と「Lullaby In Rythm」を録音しました。
1948年、Dizzy Gillespie率いるビッグバンドに参加しました。
残念なことにDizzy Gillespieはこのグループを1年で解散しました。
Gillespieバンド解散後、元バンドリーダーであったGerald Wilsonと共にBillie Holidayの南部巡業に同行しました。

Here is All American Girl Band with Melba Liston play “Start Swingin” .(1945).

Here is Dexter Gordon Quintet with Melba Liston play “Mischievous Lady”.
Dexter Gordon Quintet
Melba Liston (tb), Dexter Gordon (ts) ,Charles Fox (p) ,Red Callender (b) ,Chuck Thompson (ds)
Hollywood, CA, June 5, 1947

Melba Liston(2)

June 14.2017

Photo courtesy by Black Kudos

Melba Liston was born in Kansas City on January 13, 1926.

At the age of six, she heard Fats Waller on the radio and felt the deepest emotion.

Then she became to hum his songs.

Fats Waller

Photo above of Fats Waller by All About Jazz


When she was seven years old, Melba selected the trombone as her instrument of choice as part of her elementary school’s new music program.

Melba reminisced about look back on her childhood,

“just beautiful, standing up in the shop window like a mannequin, and I was just mesmerized by it… it just did something to me.”

But she was told that the trombone was difficult to master.

Melba began to teach herself to play by ear.

After a year later, she was good enough to play a solo on a local radio station.

In 1936 her family moved to Los Angeles.

Fortunately she studied with a woman named Alma Hightower.

Please refer to about Alma Hightower.Go here

She studied with Hightower for a few years but by the time she reached the age of sixteen.

Photo above of Dexter Gordon by courtesy of OKMusic

So she decided to become a professional musician and joined the musicians union.

Also She became friends with the saxophonist Dexter Gordon and the multi-instrumentalist Eric Dolphy in McKinley Junior High School.

Photo above of Eric Dolphy by courtesy of All Music

Melba Listonは1926年1月13日にカンザスシティで生まれました。
6歳の時にラジオから聞こえてくるFats Wallerの歌声に感動し、Fatsの歌を口ずさむようになったそうです。
1936年、彼女は家族と共にはLos Angelesに移りました。
幸いなことに、Alma Hightowerという有名な女性音楽家に師事することになりました。
Alma Hightowerについてはこちらをクリックして下さい。
又、その当時に通学していたMcKinley Junior High SchoolではDexter Gordon やthe  Eric Dolphy とは友人になっていました。

Here is Melba Liston and her Bones play “Insomnia”.
Melba Liston, Frank Rehak(tb),
Marty Flax(bs),Walter Davis Jr(p), Nelson Boyd(b),Charlie Persip(ds) NYC June 1956

Melba Liston(1)

June 13.2017

Photo above of Melba Liston by courtesy of The Jimmy and Jeannie Cheatham Collection, LaBudde Special Collections.

Last week I went to Big Band Festival in Osaka.

Many universities joined this concert in Kansai area.(関西地区)

I realized more than half of all players were women students.

In addition, “Girl’s Band” chosing by all universities was organized.


In 2004 the movie “Swing Girls” was a great success in Japan.Go here

After that, the members of girls are increasing in the brass band club of high school.

So there are more women in soloists even in university big band.

When one student was playing trombone performance,I imagined the name of Melba Liston.

She was the first woman trombonist to play in big bands during the 1940s and 1960s.

This week I want to post about Melba Liston.

Photo Courtesy by The Girls in the Band.

先週末、大阪城公園で開催されたJAZZ Festivalに行ってきました。
又、各大学からの選抜による『Girl’s Band』が特別に編成されるほど女性奏者が多かったです。
ある大学の女性によるトロンボーンソロを聞いていた時、Melba Listonの名前を思い出しました。
今週はMelba Listonについて投稿したいと思います。


Here is Melba Liston plays “Blues Melba”.