The early Kai Winding(1)

July 6.2017

Photo above of Kai Winding

Last Saturday I went to “Jazz Club Overseas”,where I had a reunion with trombone player who know from my school days.

Please refer to the website about  “Jazz Club Overseas”. Go here

Fortunately we discussed about some trombone players during a break.

He said he practiced his skill by watching Urbie Green’s video clip on Youtube many times.

Accidentally I posted about Urban Green on my blog last month. Go here and here, and here and here

Also we began to talk about “J & K(J.J. Johnson and Kai Winding) “.

Unfortunately we could not talk detail about “J & K” ,because we did not have much time that night.

When the next time to meet with him I want to discuss about Kai Winding rather than J. J.Johnson.

I have an interest in Kai Winding since I found a terrific website about him.Go here 

Particularly I am fond of his early recordings.

So I would like to learn by website about his achievements until forming “J & K” two-head band.

先週土曜日、大阪で長く営業されている Jazz Club Overseas に行きました。
「Jazz Club Overseas」についてはお店のHPを参照してください。
彼はUrbie Greenのビデオクリニック(Youtubeで視聴可能)を何度も見てトロンボーンの練習をしたと言いました。
ちなみに先月のブログでUrbie Greenを掲載しました。

J&K(J.J.Johnson and Kai Winding) の演奏についても話しました。
次回、私はJ.J.Johnsonよりも Kai Windingについて彼と話しがしたいです。
実は最近Kai Windingについて素晴らしいHPを見つけたからです。
その日以降Kai Windingにとても興味が湧いてきました。
特に初期のKai Windingの演奏が大好きです。

Here is J.J. Johnson & Kai Winding play “I Concentrate On You”.
J. J. Johnson, Kai Winding(tb),Bill Evans(p),Paul Chambers(b),Roy Haynes(ds)  November, 1960

Here is Urbie Green teaching and playing video


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