Toots Thielemans as guitarist(1)

August 22. 2017

Photo above of Toots Thielemans by courtesy of Bruzz

Toots Thielemans passed away a year ago today.

I would like to post his footsteps as a guitarist.

Toots Thielemans was born in Brussels, Belgium, on April 29, 1922, and was playing the accordion by the age of three.

While in his teens, he bought his first harmonica.

Then Thielemans came to learn the guitar by chance.

When he had been sick, a his friend came to visit him and bringing along a black-market guitar.

Photo by Wikipedia

Naturally he was strongly infruenced of Django Reinhardt.

Fortunately he had jam sessions with other Belgian musicians like Bobby Jasper and guitarist Rene Thomas.

In those days he was impressed by ‘Hold Tight’  by Fats Waller.

He said ;“ There’s the quintessence of the jazz scale and everything you need in the blues in that song.”

Photo above of Bobby Jaspar and René Thomas by courtesy of Mon Devoghelaere

”Toots” Thielemansがこの世を去って1年が経ちました。


Toots Thielemansは1922年4月29日にベルギーのブリュッセルで生まれました。



当然、彼はDjango Reinhardtに強い影響を受けていました。

そしてベルギー生まれのBobby JasperやRene Thomasのような一流のミュージシャンとも共演し切磋琢磨していました。

後年、Fats Wallerの「Hold Tight」という曲に深い感銘を受けたと回想しています。

Here is Toots Thielemans plays “The Mooch”(1998)

Here is Toots Thielemans plays “Try a Little Tenderness”.(1967)
“Toots” Thielemans(g),George Arvanitas(p), Roland Lobligeois(b),Philippe Combelle(ds)

Here is Fats Waller sings and plays “Hold Tight”.

Photo by AllMusic


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