Ralph Sharon(2)

September 26.2017

Photo above of The All Star Sextet (1948) by courtesy of henrybebop.co.uk
(Back row) Aubrey Frank, Alan Dean, Reg Arnold, Norman Burns, (Front): Ralph Sharon, Tommy Pollard, Jack Fallon

Ralph Sharon made his professional debut with Ted Heath in 1946.

Ted Heath’s band was one of the top English swing orchestras of the era.

A few years later, he also played piano with Frank Weir’s jazz orchestra.

The orchestra included George Shearing on accordion.

In 1947 he joined Melody Maker’s Jazz Rally.

“Melody Maker’s Jazz Rally”
Dave Wilkins (tp), Woolf Phillips (tb), Harry Parry (cl), Reggie Dare (ts), Ralph Sharon (p), Pete Chilver (g), Jack Fallon (b), Norman Burns (ds).

In 1948 he recorded with saxophonist Ronnie Scott’s Esquire Five for Esquire label.

This recordings is now considered to be the first British modern jazz session.

“The Esquire Five”
Ronnie Scott (ts), Pete Chilver (g), Ralph Sharon (p), Jack Fallon (b), Carlo Krahmer (ds)
London, England, January 13, 1948

Photo above of Ralph Sharon sextet by courtesy of henrybebop.co.uk
From left: Martin Aston, Victor Feldman, Bert Howard, Fred Perry, Roy Plummer, Ralph Sharon.

By 1948 he was also leading his own sextet, which included Victor Feldman who was known in England as “Kid Krupa”.

1946年Ralph SharonはTed Heath楽団でプロ奏者としてデビューしました。
Ted Heath楽団は英国において名門のオーケストラの1つでした。
数年後Frank Weirのジャズオーケストラに移籍しました。
その当時のFrank WeirバンドにはGeorge Shearingがアコーディオン奏者として在籍していました。
1947年「 Melody Maker’s Jazz Rally」というジャズコンボに参加しました。
Dave Wilkins (tp), Woolf Phillips (tb), Harry Parry (cl), Reggie Dare (ts), Ralph Sharon (p), Pete Chilver (g), Jack Fallon (b), Norman Burns (ds)

1948年サックス奏者のRonnie Scottが結成した「The Esquire Five」に参加しEsquire社にレコーディングしています。
Ronnie Scott(ts),Pete Chilver(g),Ralph Sharon(p),Jack Fallon(b),Carlo Krahmer(ds)

1948年、その当時の英国ジャズ界で「Kid Krupa」として知られていたVictor Feldmanを擁した自己のグループを結成しました。

Here is Ralph Sharon Sextet play “The Very Thought Of You”.
Ralph Sharon(p),Jimmy Skidmore(ts),Viv Feldman(vib),Dave Goldberg(g),Jack Fellon(b),Martin ashton(ds)
August 29,1950  London



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