Ralph Sharon(4)

September 28.2017

Photo by courtesy of JazzTimes

In 1957, Ralph Sharon took on the duties of pianist and bandleader for singer Tony Bennett.

Sharon had never even heard of Tony Bennett when the singer invited him to audition as his accompanist.

Also he took American citizenship in 1958 and worked with Bennett for nearly 50 years.

Sharon and Bennett performed together all over the world.

It was a fantastic partnership that produced some of the most popular songs of the era.

Photo by courtesy of The Telegraph

1957年、Ralph SharonはTony Bennettのピアニスト兼バンドリーダーの職に就きました。

Tony Bennett の伴奏者としてのオーディションに臨んだ時点で、Ralph SharonはTony Bennett の歌唱を一度も聞いたことはなかったそうです。


Ralph SharonとTony Bennettはほぼ50年近くの期間を一緒に共演していました。


Here is Ralph Sharon played at Tea Time at the St. Julien Hotel lobby in Boulde.
October 10, 2009



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