Gil Fuller(2)

October 19,2017

Photo above of Gil Fuller by courtesy of Official Website 2015

After Fats Navarro left Billy Eckstine band ,Fats and Kenny Dorham joined small-group session under the leadership of Kenny Clarke.

Then Fats Navarro and Kenny Dorham recorded a historical performance on September 5 1946 on Victor label.

They were named Kenny Clarke and his 52nd Street Boys.

Next day(September 6) they recorded on Savoy label as The Be Bop Boys.

Also The Be Bop Boys was named Gil Fuller’s Modernists.

Common members of two days were Kenny Dorham, Fats Navarro, Sonny Stitt, Bud Powell, Kenny Clarke.

Noteworthy, Gil Fuller was included as arranger on both sessions.

Also Savoy label instructed a long recording time.

Four tunes cut a greater length than an usual recording.

Because these were recorded at double length for release over two sides of a 78 rpm disc.

In 1949 Gil Fuller recorded his leader recordings on Discovery label.

Unfortunately after that, he has not produced his own album until 1965.

Kenny Clarkeはレコーディンググループを結成するためにBilly Eckstine楽団を脱退したFats NavarroとKenny Dorham を参加させました。
Kenny Clarke and his 52nd Street Boys と名付けられたグループは1946年9月5日にビクター社に歴史的な演奏を録音しました。
翌日(9月6日)、Kenny ClarkeはSavoy社にThe Be Bop Boysと名付けられたグループ名で録音しています。別名 Gil Fuller’s Modernistsと名付けられました。
二日間に共通しているのはKenny Dorham, Fats Navarro, Sonny Stitt, Bud Powell という錚々たるメンバーでした。
注目すべきはGil Fullerが両日のレコーディングで編曲者として参加していたことです。
1949年、Gil FullerはDiscovery社からリーダーアルバムをレコーディングしています。

Here is Kenny Clarke and His 52nd Street Boys play “Rue Chaptal (as Royal Roost)”.
McKinlay Dorham (Kenny Dorham), Fats Navarro (tp), Sonny Stitt (as), Ray Abrams (ts), Eddie DeVerteuil (bs), Bud Powell (p), John Collins (g), Al Hall (b), Kenny Clarke (ds),  Gil Fuller (arr)
NYC, September 5, 1946

Here is  Gil Fuller’s Modernists play “Boppin’ A Riff”.
Kenny Dorham, Fats Navarro (tp) Sonny Stitt (as) Morris Lane (ts) Eddie DeVerteuil (bs) Bud Powell (p) Al Hall (b) Kenny Clarke (ds) Gil Fuller (arr) NYC, September 6, 1946

Here is Gil Fuller and His Orchestra play “Tropicana”.
Dave Burns, Mustapha Daleel, Bill Massey, Abdul Salaam (tp) Charlie Johnson, Haleen Rasheed, Clarence Ross, Rip Tarrant (tb) Jimmy Heath, Sahib Shihab (as) Pritchard Cheesman, Billy Mitchell (ts) Cecil Payne (ba) Milt Jackson (vib, p) Percy Heath (b) Art Blakey (ds) Gil Fuller (arranger, conductor, vocals) NYC, June 11, 1949
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