Mentor and Disciple(Bob Wilber and Nik Payton)

October 28,2017

In September I posted that Bob Wilber was a disciple of Sidney Bechet.

Today I would like to introduce the Bob Wilber’s disciple.

Nik Payton was born in Birmingham, England in 1972.

He started studying piano at the age of 4, and went on to study classical saxophone at 14.

At the age of 15 he became one of the few students of Bob Wilber.

Nik is very proud to continue the legacy of Sidney Bechet and Bob Wilber.

Also He was Artistic Director of Jazz Festival Brasil from 2009-2015.

Photo by Wikipedia

9月のブログにてBob Wilber がSidney Bechetの弟子であると投稿しました。

今日はBob Wilberと弟子Nik Paytonとの共演盤を紹介したいと思います。

Nik Paytonは1972年に英国バーミンガムで生まれました。


15歳の時にBob Wilber に師事することになりました。

Nik PaytonはSidney BechetとBob Wilberに繋がる系譜を継続することを誇りにしています。

Here is Nik Payton and Bob Wilber play “I believe in Miracles”.
Nik Payton,Bob Wilber(cl,ss) Richard Busiakiewicz (p), Dave Green (b), and Steve Brown (ds)  2008

Here is Nik Payton and Bob Wilber play “No More Blues”.
Members of the recording are the same as above.

Fortunately he has recorded my most favorite song.
Here is Nik Payton plays “The Single Petal Of A Rose”.

Here is Nil Payton on Jazz Festival Brasil


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