Ziggy Elman “Fralich in Swing”(2)

November 16.2017

Photo by courtesy Bettmann/CORBIS Tommy Dorsey and his band. On the far right in the last row is a very young and yet unknown Frank Sinatra.

After leaving Benny Goodman orchestra, Ziggy Elman played a month with violinist Joe Venuti’s band.

Then he joined Tommy Dorsey orchestra in August in 1940, at a salary of $500 a week.

He also played with Jo Stafford, Frank Sinatra, and other great vocalists.

Photo by courtesy of grammymuseum.org

Ziggy became a star with the band ‘s drummer Buddy Rich.

He served in the US Army Air Force from 1943-46.

In 1947 he formed his own band and signed to the MGM record label.

Benny Goodman楽団を退団したZiggy ElmanはJoe Venutiバンドと1ヶ月だけ共演しています。

その後1940年8月、週給500ドルの条件でTommy Dorsey楽団に入団しました。

同楽団ではJo StaffordやFrank Sinatraなどの有名歌手のバックでソロ演奏を行い、Buddy Richと共に人気を集めていきました。



Here is Tommy Dorsey and his orchestra play “Well Get It”.
Tommy Dorsey(tb, dir),Ziggy Elman, Charlie Peterson, Jimmy Blake,Jimmy Zito(tp),George Arus, Dave Jacobs, Jimmy Skiles(tb),Fred Stulce, Harry Schuchman(as),Don Lodice, Heinie Beau,Bruce Snyder(ts), Leonard Atkins, Al Beller, William Ehrenkranz, Leonard Posner, Irving Raymond, Sam Ross, Bernard Tinterow(vn),Harold Bemko(vc),Ruth Hill, (harp),JMilt Raskin(p),Clark Yocum(g),Phil Stevens(sb),Buddy Rich(d),  New York, August 17, 1942.


Here is Here is Ziggy Elman and his orchestra with Virginia Maxey play “And The Angels Sing”.MGM (1947)

Here is Here is Ziggy Elman and his orchestra play “Zaggin’ with Zig”  MGM (1947)

Here is Ziggy Elman and his orchestra play “Deep Night”.
Ziggy Elman(tp),Toots Mondello, Noni Bernardi(as), Jerry Jerome, Arthur Rollini(ts),Milt Raskin(p),Ben Helfer(g),Artie Bernstein(sb),Nick Fatool(d)New York, November 27, 1939 043924-1

Here is Ziggy Elman and his orchestra play “What Used To Was Used To Was (Now It Ain’t)”.
Members of the recording are the same as above. 043921-1




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