Ziggy Elman “Fralich in Swing”(3)

November 17.2017

Photo above of  Johnny Mercer by Wikipedia

Ziggy’s composition “Fralich in Swing” turned to  “And the Angels Sing” with lyrics by Johnny Mercer.

In Feb.1,1939 Johnny Mercer joined Benny Goodman’s recordings and cut two songs.

“Cuckoo In The Clock”, “Sent For You Yesterday And Here You Come Today”

Then Johnny Mercer co-founded Capitol Records in 1942.

Meanwhile, Ziggy Elman continued to play in his own band.

By the 1950s big bands had declined.

Ziggy Elman was felled by a heart attack in 1956 and, losing his capacity as a musician.

Then he made a living as trumpet teacher.

6th October 1966: Trumpeter Herb Alpert with members of his combo on their arrival at London Airport. They are here for a concert at the Albert Hall. (Photo by Central Press/Getty Images)

Interestingly Herb Alpert was one of his students.

After a reunion concert at Carnegie Hall with Benny Goodman, Ziggy Elman died at 54 in 1968.

Ziggy Elmanが作曲した「Fralich in Swing」はJohnny Mercerが歌詞を付け加え「And the Angels Sing」という名曲に生まれ変わりました。

Johnny MercerはZiggy ElmanやMartha Tiltonと共にBenny Goodman楽団の録音に参加し下記2曲録音しています。(1939年2月1日)
「Cuckoo In The Clock」「 Sent For You Yesterday And Here You Come Today」

その後1942年にJohnny MercerはCapitolレコードを共同創業者となりました。

一方でZiggy Elmanは彼自身のバンドで演奏活動を続けていました。


1956年、Ziggy Elmanは心臓発作によって倒れ音楽生活を諦める状況になり生活にも困り、トランペット教師として細々と生計を立てるに至りました。

興味深いことにA&Mレコードを共同で創業者したHerb Alpertはその頃の教え子の一人だったそうです。

1968年のZiggy ElmanはBenny Goodmanとの再会コンサートが行われて間もなく54歳で永眠しました。

Photo above of Benny Goodman (left) and Ziggy Elman of the 640th Army Air Forces Band

Here is Ziggy Elman and His Orchestra play “Fralich In Swing .”
Ziggy Elman(tp), Dave Matthews, Noni Bernardi(as),Jerry Jerome, Arthur Rollini(ts),Jess Stacy(p),Ben Heller(g),Harry Goodman(sb),Al Kendis(d) New York, December 28, 1938.

Here is Benny Goodman and his Orchestra play “The Angels Sing”.
Vocal by Martha Tilton(vo),Ziggy Elman(tp) New York, February 1, 1939.

Here is Benny Goodman and his Orchestra play “Cuckoo in the Clock”.
Johnny Mercer(vo),Ziggy Elman(tp) New York, February 1, 1939.

Here is Jess Stacy with Ziggy Elman play “King Porter Stomp”.
Ziggy Elman(tp),Murray McEachern(tb),Heinie Beau(as), Charles Gentry(bs), Vido Musso(ts),Allan Reuss(g),Jess Stacy(p),Artie Shapiro(b),Nick Fatool(ds)Atlantic LP1225  LA. June 1955.



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