Where was this picture taken?

November 29.2017

Photo by courtesy of my old friend

The day before yesterday, one photo has arrived from my old friend.

He told me that he wanted me to check “Where was it shot” and “Who the source of the image is”.

Unfortunately there was no information other than “Art Tatum at Jazz City, Hollywood”.

If you have information on the details of the photo, please contact me.

So please listen to the performance of Art Tatum from the Jazz at the Hollywood Bowl.

This recording became his last performance, and three months later on November 5 he died.

In addition, this recording date (August 15) was Oscar Peterson’s birthday.

Photo above of Art Tatum with Oscar Peterson by courtesy of Pinerest

先輩は残されたArt Tatumの写真では最高の1枚と思っているそうです。
グーグル検索等で調べましたが「Art Tatum at Jazz City, Hollywood」以外の情報がありませんでした。
そんな訳で「Jazz at the Hollywood Bowl」からArt Tatumの演奏をお聞き下さい。
残念ながらこのステージが最後の演奏になり、3ヵ月後の11月5日にお亡くなりになりました。又、この録音日(8月15日)はOscar Petersonの誕生日でもありました。

Here is Introduction To Art Tatum by Noman Granz.
Concert at Hollywood Bowl August 15.1956


Here is Art Tatum plays “Someone To Watch Over Me”.


Here is Art Tatum plays “Begin The Beguine”.


Here is Art Tatum plays “Willow Weep For Me”.


Here is Art Tatum plays “Humoresque”.



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