Art Tatum was selected “The All American Band” by Esquire Magazine

November 30.2017

Art Tatum had recorded a lot of playing in solo performances and his trio performances.

Today I heard a valuable record that Art Tatum participated in the all star jam session.

Esquire Magazine selected ”The All American Band” in 1944.

Photo above of Esquire’s jazz concert at the Metropolitan Opera House by courtesy of NEW YORK DAILY NEWS

The band was made up of Armstrong and Roy Eldridge, trumpets; Barney Bigard, clarinet; Sidney Catlett, drums; Al Casey, guitar; Coleman Hawkins, sax; Oscar Pettiford, bass; Art Tatum, piano; Red Norvo, xylophone; Lionel Hampton, vibraharp, and  Jack Teagarden, trombone.

They were gathered at the the Metropolitan Opera House in January 18.

The concert was broadcast on NBC Blue network and around the world on Armed Forces Radio.

Photo above of the Metropolitan Opera House(it was located on Broadway in 39th street) by NEW YORK DAILY NEWS

Art Tatumはピアノソロ演奏や自己のトリオ演奏を多く録音しています。

今日久し振りにArt Tatumがオールスタージャムセッションに参加した貴重なレコードを聞きました。(エレックレコード日本盤)

Esquire Magazineは1944年にThe All American Bandを選びました。




Here is The Esquire All-American Band play ”Spotlight Band Thema〜Esquire Blues”.
Tatum→Teagarden→Bigard→Hawkins→ Eldridge→Casey→Teagarden→ Bigard→Hawkins→Tatum→Eldridge

Here is The Esquire All-American Band play “I Got Rhythm”.


Here is Art Tatum Trio plays “Sweet Lorraine.”

Photo above of Roy Eldridge,Art Tatum, Oscar Pettiford and Billie Holiday by courtesy of



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