Art Tatum was selected “The All American Band” by Esquire Magazine(2)

December 01. 2017

Photo by YouTube

Yesterday I read an interesting article about “The All American Band.”

In 1943 Arnold Gingrich, who was co-founder of Esquire magazine, entrusted witht Robert Goffin to come up with a poll of the greatest jazz musicians in the country.

Robert Goffin was a distinguished Belgian music scholar.

Photo above of Robert Goffin, Benny Carter, Louis Armstrong, and Leonard Feather (L to R) in 1942 by Wikipedia

In those days Robert Goffin and Leonard Feather taught a course on jazz with Goffin at the New School in New York.

Leonard Feather assisted Goffin with the poll.

They selected “three team” as The All American Esquire Jazz Band.

The concert was planned as a benefit for the Navy League, with war bonds sold for seats.

So the audience had to buy a war bond to attend.

The Navy League is a nonprofit civilian, educational and advocacy organization that supports America’s sea services: the Navy, Marine Corps, Coast Guard and US – flag Merchant Marine. Go here

The O.W.I. (Office of War Information) arranged to have the concert recorded.

Esquire Magazine turned the concert into a benefit for the war effort.

I referred to The All-American Esquire Jazz Band(EDITOR’S NOTES) by Alex Belth (SEP 23, 2016)

昨日「The All American Band」に関して興味深い記事を読みました。

1943年、Esquire誌の共同設立者(編集者)であったArnold Gingrichはベルギー人の評論家で有名な作家であったRobert Goffinにジャズミュージシャンの人気投票の実施を依頼しました。

その当時、Robert Goffinと共にニューヨークのNew Schoolでジャズ講座を担当していたLeonard Featherもこの仕事に協力しました。

二人は「The All American Esquire Jazz Band」として 「3組のバンド」を選びました。

又、このコンサートは「Navy League」を援助することを目的として開催され、ホールの座席入場券の売り上げは戦事債券となったそうです。


「Navy League」とは海軍、海兵隊、沿岸警備隊、米国の旗艦商船などアメリカの海上保安警備をサポートする非営利の民間組織です。こちらをクリックして下さい。

コンサートの模様はO.W.I.(Office of War Information)が録音した全米に放送されています。

上記はThe All-American Esquire Jazz Band(EDITOR’S NOTES) by Alex Belth (SEP 23, 2016)を引用致しました。

Photo by Discogs

Here is Coleman Hawkins with Art Tatum play “My Ideal”.

Here is Art Tatum plays “Tea For Two”.
Bigard→ Eldridge→Tatum→Norvo(vib)

Here is Billie Holiday (with Art Tatum) sings “I’ll Get By”.

Here is Billie Holiday (with Art Tatum) sings “Billie’s Blues”.

Photo above of Billie Holiday and Art Tatum(Metropolitan Opera House. Esquire Jazz Concert. January, 18th 1944) by courtesy Pinterest


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