SICILY JASS “The World’s First Man in Jazz”(1)

December 11. 2017

Photo by courtesy La Voce di New York

The film was held as part of “Sicilian Dream” where the Italian Cultural Center (Osaka) introduces films, music, food culture etc in the Sicily region.

The main character is Nick LaRocc of Sicilian II, and the film has become a jazz movie using the documentary method.

Many people are more familiar with this movie than me.

Photo by Wikioedia

For an overview of the movie, please refer to the comments of other people.

For me,it is interesting that prominent jazz researchers appeared.

Some famous jazz researchers such as Ricky Riccardi,Dan Morgenstern,Bruce Raeburn appeared on this film.

This week I will post about scenes where I was interesting in this movie.

今回の映画上映会はイタリア文化会館(大阪)がシチリア地方の映画・音楽・食文化などを紹介する”Sicilian Dream”の一環として開催されました。

映画の主人公はシチリア系2世のNick LaRocca(ニック・ラロッカ)で、ドキュメンタリー手法を用いたジャズ映画になっています。


Ricky Riccardi、Dan Morgenstern、Bruce Raeburnなど有名なジャズ研究者がこの映画に登場しました。


Photo above of Ricky Riccardi(right) and Dan Morgenstern(left) by Ricky’s Facebook

Photo by courtesy of Library of Congress

Here is Original Dixieland Jazz Band play “Livery Stable Blues” .
Nick LaRocca, c, dir: Eddie Edwards, tb / Larry Shields, cl / Henry Ragas, p / Tony Sbarbaro, d. New York, February 26, 1917.
19331-1 Livery Stable Blues,Vic 18255



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