SICILY JASS “The World’s First Man in Jazz”(4)

December 15. 2017

Photo by courtesy of Library of Congress

The Original Dixieland Jazz Band’s record sold approximately one million copies in 1917 alone.

Unfortunately his later years of Nick was lonely.

Not only the success of Nick Larocca in this film,the director Michele Cinque described Nick’s shadow.

In 1940s NIck thought that he is not appreciated by the public as much as he thinks.

Photo by YouTube

So Nick launched a campaign to answer any attempts to discredit him as the creator of jazz.

In the 1950s Nick wrote many letters to newspapers, radio, and television shows.

He insisted that he was the true and sole inventor of jazz music.

He was damaging his credibility and provoking a backlash against him and his reputation and career.

Please see the video of Original Dixieland Jazz Band reunited in 1936.

The director Michele Cinque uses this film effectively at “SICILY JASS”.

The Original Dixieland Jazz Bandのレコードは、1917年だけで約100万枚も売れたそうです。

残念なことにNick Laroccaの晩年は寂しい人生でした。

Michele Cinque監督はNick Laroccaの成功した明るい面だけでなく、影の面もこの映画で描いています。






1936年に再結成されたOriginal Dixieland Jazz Bandのビデオをご覧下さい。

Michele Cinque監督は「SICILY JASS」でこのビデオを効果的に使用しています。

Here is an episode of the March of Time from 1937, featuring the Original Dixieland Jazz Band.


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