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SICILY JASS “The World’s First Man in Jazz”(4)

December 15. 2017

Photo by courtesy of Library of Congress

The Original Dixieland Jazz Band’s record sold approximately one million copies in 1917 alone.

Unfortunately his later years of Nick was lonely.

Not only the success of Nick Larocca in this film,the director Michele Cinque described Nick’s shadow.

In 1940s NIck thought that he is not appreciated by the public as much as he thinks.

Photo by YouTube

So Nick launched a campaign to answer any attempts to discredit him as the creator of jazz.

In the 1950s Nick wrote many letters to newspapers, radio, and television shows.

He insisted that he was the true and sole inventor of jazz music.

He was damaging his credibility and provoking a backlash against him and his reputation and career.

Please see the video of Original Dixieland Jazz Band reunited in 1936.

The director Michele Cinque uses this film effectively at “SICILY JASS”.

The Original Dixieland Jazz Bandのレコードは、1917年だけで約100万枚も売れたそうです。

残念なことにNick Laroccaの晩年は寂しい人生でした。

Michele Cinque監督はNick Laroccaの成功した明るい面だけでなく、影の面もこの映画で描いています。






1936年に再結成されたOriginal Dixieland Jazz Bandのビデオをご覧下さい。

Michele Cinque監督は「SICILY JASS」でこのビデオを効果的に使用しています。

Here is an episode of the March of Time from 1937, featuring the Original Dixieland Jazz Band.

SICILY JASS “The World’s First Man in Jazz”(3)

December 14. 2017

Photo above of Nick LaRocca by courtesy of We The Italians | Michele Cinque (Director of “Sicily Jass”)

Photo above of Ricky Riccardi by courtesy of dipper mouth.blogspot.jp

At the beginning of the movie, Ricky Riccardi appeared and pointed to a page with Louis’ the first biography of Louis Armstrong.

Ricky Riccardi is the Archivist for the Louis Armstrong House Museum and author of “What a Wonderful World”.

Ricky Riccardi’s Facebook Go here

There is written that Louis heard frequently the performance of Nick LaRocca in New Orleans.

Ricky said on film:”Louis often spoke about the Original Dixieland Jazz Band recordings.”

Louis Armstrong House Museum by NYCgo.com

映画の冒頭でRicky Riccardi(リッキー・リカルディ)が登場し、ルイ・アームストロングが最初に書いた自叙伝のあるページを指さししました。

Ricky RiccardiはLouis Armstrong House Museum(NYC)の管理責任者であり “What a Wonderful World”の著者でもあります。

Ricky RiccardiのFacebookはとても参考になります。こちらをクリックして下さい。


リッキーは「ルイはThe Original Dixieland Jazz Bandのレコードについてよく話していました」と映画の中で解説しています。

「僕がウェイフ少年院でトランペットを習う4年前、1909年に最初の偉大なジャズオーケストラがドミニク・ジェームズ・ラロッカというコルネット奏者によってニューオリンズで結成された。みんな「ニック」ラロッカと呼んでいた。彼の楽団はたったの5人組だった。でも彼らはそれまでで最高にホットな5人組だった。(中略) 彼らが作り、当時世界中に新しいジャズ音楽をとどけた偉大なレコードの一部には『タイガーラグ』『リヴァリー・ステイブル・ブルース』 なんかがある。 ラロッカは数年前に引退してニューオーリンズに戻ったが、シンコペートされた音楽の偉大な開拓者としての彼の名声は永く永く、たぶんアメリカ音楽が続く限り残るだろう。 ディキシーランドバンドはすべてを変えた。」

Photo by courtesy of Library of Congress

Here is Original Dixieland Jazz Band play “Tiger Rag”.
Nick LaRocca, c, dir: Eddie Edwards, tb / Larry Shields, cl / Henry Ragas, p / Tony Sbarbaro, d.
New York, March 25, 1918.
21701-3 ,Vic 18472,

Here is Louis Armstrong plays “Tiger Rag”.
Filmed in Copenhagen, Denmark in 1933


SICILY JASS “The World’s First Man in Jazz”(2)

December 12. 2017

Photo by Michele Cinque Facebook

Why did director Michele Cinque produce the film about Nick Larocca’s life?

After the movie,the organizer held a talk event by director Michele Cinque who is from Sicilia.

Why he was interested in the life of Nick Larocca?


Photo above of Nick Larocca by courtesy La Voce di New York

He said that he heard a surprising fact from Dan Morgenstern.

“At the time Nick was active ,about 10 percent of the population of New Orleans was from Sicilia.”

So he came up with a movie production about the life of Nick Larocca.


Photo above of Dan Morgenstern by courtesy of Jazz Lives (Word Press .com)

About Dan Morgenstern, please refer to this website. Go here

Interestingly Italian American musicians contributed to the jazz genre that we know today.

I attached “The documentary Mr. Jazz – The Louis Armstrong Story” which Michele Cinque produced in 2015.

Photo by American Italians Culture Center

何故、Michele Cinque(映画監督ミケーレ・チンクエ)はNick Laroccaの人生を描いた映画を製作したのでしょうか?

主催者(イタリア文化会館大阪)はシチリア出身のMichele Cinque監督とのトークイベントを開催しました。

主催者「何故Nick Laroccaに興味を持ったのですか?」

監督「Dan Morgensternから驚くべき事実を聞きました」と語りました。

「Nick Laroccaが音楽活動を行っていた頃ニューオーリンズの人口の約10%はシチリア出身だった」

その事実を聞いた瞬間、Nick Laroccaの人生を描いた映画を制作したいと思ったそうです。

Dan Morgensternについてはこのウェブサイトを参照してください。 こちらをクリックして下さい。


Michele Cinque監督が2015年に製作した “The documentary Mr. Jazz – The Louis Armstrong Story”を文末に添付致しました。

Photo by Michele Cinque’s Facebook

Michele Cinque(映画監督ミケーレ・チンクエ)の略歴を記載します。
1984年ローマ生まれ。映画やテレビのドキュメンタリー作品を監督。2007年に監督したLavoro liquido、Top Runnerがさまざまな国際フェスティバルで上映され、多くの賞を受賞。2011年にはボブ・マーリーの生涯についてのドキュメンタリーと、ルイ・アームストロングの伝記を監督・製作する。イタリア国営放送RAIの番組製作に携わる。2013年からRAIの特派員。特に南米をカバーする。2013年から2017年までの間に100本以上の映像を製作。2016年にはリビア沿岸を航行し、移民の現状を撮影した。現在、ポストプロダクション中である。2017年には、農業に従事する移民労働者が暮らすプーリア州の一地区を舞台にした短編Jululuを撮り、ヴェネツィア国際映画祭で賞を受賞した(イタリア文化会館の紹介文を引用しました。)

Here is “The documentary Mr. Jazz – The Louis Armstrong Story” directed by Michele Cinque.



SICILY JASS “The World’s First Man in Jazz”(1)

December 11. 2017

Photo by courtesy La Voce di New York

The film was held as part of “Sicilian Dream” where the Italian Cultural Center (Osaka) introduces films, music, food culture etc in the Sicily region.

The main character is Nick LaRocc of Sicilian II, and the film has become a jazz movie using the documentary method.

Many people are more familiar with this movie than me.

Photo by Wikioedia

For an overview of the movie, please refer to the comments of other people.

For me,it is interesting that prominent jazz researchers appeared.

Some famous jazz researchers such as Ricky Riccardi,Dan Morgenstern,Bruce Raeburn appeared on this film.

This week I will post about scenes where I was interesting in this movie.

今回の映画上映会はイタリア文化会館(大阪)がシチリア地方の映画・音楽・食文化などを紹介する”Sicilian Dream”の一環として開催されました。

映画の主人公はシチリア系2世のNick LaRocca(ニック・ラロッカ)で、ドキュメンタリー手法を用いたジャズ映画になっています。


Ricky Riccardi、Dan Morgenstern、Bruce Raeburnなど有名なジャズ研究者がこの映画に登場しました。


Photo above of Ricky Riccardi(right) and Dan Morgenstern(left) by Ricky’s Facebook

Photo by courtesy of Library of Congress

Here is Original Dixieland Jazz Band play “Livery Stable Blues” .
Nick LaRocca, c, dir: Eddie Edwards, tb / Larry Shields, cl / Henry Ragas, p / Tony Sbarbaro, d. New York, February 26, 1917.
19331-1 Livery Stable Blues,Vic 18255


I listened to the mourning radio program of George Avakian(3)

December 08. 2017

Photo by courtesy ©Burt Goldblatt/CTS Images George Avakian, Coleman Hawkins and Sonny Rollins
Newport Jazz Festival, July 6, 1963

Mr.Chris selected “My Song by Keith Jarrett” as the last song of the program.

My Song is an album which was released on the ECM label in 1978.

George Avakian had also contributed to the success of Keith Jarrett ,because he introduced Keith Jarrett to Manfred Eicher.

Photo above of Manfred Eicher and Keith Jarrett by courtesy of Stereophile.com

About Manfred Eicher,please refer to ECM HP.Go here

In 1968 George Avakian produced ”Life Between the Exit Signs by ”Keith Jarrett”on Vortex label.

Interestingly George Avakian wrote the liner notes of “Life Between the Exit Signs.”

Also in the program Creed Taylor’s work was broadcast.

I guess Creed Taylor is a great jazz producer.

Finally, please listen to “Goodbye” by Keith Jarrett.

Photo by courtesy of JazzTimes

DJのクリスさんは番組の最後に「Keith JarrettのMy Song」から「Country」を選曲されました。

My Songは1978年にECMレーベルで発売され今でも人気のあるアルバムです。

George AvakianはKeith JarrettをManfred Eicherに紹介しKeithの成功にも貢献していました。

Manfred EicherについてはECMのHPを参照してください。こちらをクリックして下さい

1968年、George AvakianはVortexレコード (アトランティック系列会社)でKeith Jarrettをリーダとする「Life Between the Exit Signs」を制作しました。

「Life Between the Exit Signs」のライナーノートにおいてGeorge Avakian自らがKeith Jarrettについて紹介した文章は興味深いです。(ラーナーノートを写真として添付しました)

又、私にとって嬉しいことにCreed Taylorの作品も番組で放送されました。

Creed TaylorはGeorge Avakian亡き後、ジャズ界では最高のプロデューサーであると思います。George Avakianとは関係ありませんが私の好きな演奏( CTI録音)を添付しました。

最後にKeith Jarrettによる「Goodbye」をお聞き下さい。

Keith Jarrett Trio
Here is Keith Jarrett Trio play “Life Between The Exit Signs”.
Keith Jarrett(p),Charlie Haden(double-bass),Paul Motian(ds)
May 4, 1967 NYC

Here is Freddie Hubbard plays “Sky Dive”.
Freddie Hubbard (trumpet) Alan Rubin, Marvin Stamm (trumpet, flugelhorn) Wayne Andre, Garnett Brown (trombone) Paul Faulise (bass trombone) Tony Price (tuba) Hubert Laws (flute, alto, bass flute) Phil Bodner (flute, alto, bass flute, bass clarinet, piccolo) Romeo Penque (flute, alto flute, clarinet, oboe, English horn) George Marge (flute, alto flute, clarinet, bass clarinet) Wally Kane (bass clarinet, piccolo) Keith Jarrett (piano, electric piano) George Benson (guitar) Ron Carter (bass) Billy Cobham (drums) Airto, Ray Barretto (percussion) Don Sebesky (arranger, conductor) Van Gelder Studio, Englewood Cliffs, NJ, October, 1972

Photo by curtesy of ECM Records

Here is Keith Jarrett and Charlie Haden play “Goodbye”.
Keith Jarrett(p),Charlie Haden(double-bass) NJ, March, 2007

Photo by Wikipedia

I listened to the mourning radio program of George Avakian(2)

December 06. 2017

Photo above of George Avakian by courtesy of JazzWax

Continuing from yesterday,I will post my favorite songs according to the album introduced in the program.

In 1956 Duke Ellington and his Orchestra appeared at Newport Jazz Festival.

Paul Gonsalves played an astounding 27 choruses of “Diminuendo and Crescendo in Blue.”

Because Duke told Gonsalves to blow as long as he wanted during the interlude.

Photo by courtesy of paulgonsalves.jazzgiants.net

Today many disney songs became jazz standard.

But back in the ’50s, no one in jazz took Disney movies or their soundtracks seriously.

Why did Dave bother recording an album of Disney songs?

Below I quated JazzWax interivew “Dave Brubeck Digs Disney”. (May 26, 2011)

Dave and his five children excited on the rides in Disneyland in California.

So Dave thought an album of Disney movie songs would be a great idea.

The Disney theme was Dave’s idea, and I was amazed when he called and told me what he wanted to do.

Then Bill Evans and Miles Davis recorded “Disney Songs” .

Also John Coltrane played “My Favorite Things” and ”Chim Chim Cher-ee.””


1956年、Duke Ellington楽団はNewport Jazz Festivalに出演しました。

そして「Diminuendo and Crescendo in Blue」でPaul Gonsalvesは27コーラスにも及ぶ長いソロ演奏を行いました。



では何故Dave Brubeckはアルバム制作においてディズニーの曲を選んだのでしょうか?

以下JazzWaxのインタビュー “Dave Brubeck Digs DisneyMay 26、2011″を引用しました。

George Avakianは次のように話しています。

ディズニーの音楽をテーマとしてレコーディングするのはDave の考えでした。彼がそのことを電話した時にはびっくりしました。



その後、Bill Evans や Miles Davisは「ディズニーソング」を録音しています。

又、John Coltraneも「My Favorite Things」「Chim Chim Cher-ee」を演奏しました。

Duke Ellington & His Orchestra 「Ellington at Newport」
Here is Duke Ellington & His Orchestra play “ Black and Tan Fantasy ”.
Johnny Hodges (as), Russell Procope (cl, as), James Hamilton, Paul Gonsalves (ts), Harry Carney (bs), Cat Anderson, Clark Terry, Willis Nance, John Cook (tp), Britt Woodman, Quentin Jackson (tb), Duke Ellington (p), James Woode (b), Sam Woodyard (ds)
July 7, 1956… live at Newport Jazz Festival, Newport


Here is Duke Ellington & His Orchestra play  “Diminuendo and Crescendo in Blue.”
Members of the recording are the same as above.


Miles Davis 「Miles Ahead」
Here is Miles Davis and Gil Evans play “Miles Ahead 1959” on YouTube.
Miles Davis, Bernie Glow, Ernie Royal, Luis Mucci, Taft Jordan, John Carisi (tp), Frank Rehak, Jimmy Cleveland, Joe Bennet (tb), Tom Mitchell (btb), Willie Ruff, Tony Miranda, Jimmy Buffington (frh), Bill Barber (tu), Lee Konitz (as), Romeo Penque, Sid Cooper (fl, cl), Danny Bank (bcl), Wynton Kelly (p), Paul Chambers (b), Art Taylor (ds), Gil Evans (arr, cond) November 1957… New York


Photo by courtesy of French Lick, IN Aug 17, 1958

Dave Brubeck Quartet「Dave Digs Disney」
Here is Dave Brubeck Quartet play “Alice in Wonderland”.(Mono Version)
Dave Brubeck (p), Paul Desmond (as), Norman Bates (b), Joe Morello (ds)
August 29, 1957… New York


Here is Dave Brubeck Quartet play “Some Day My Prince Will Come ”.(Mono Version)
Members of the recording are the same as above.

I listened to the mourning radio program of George Avakian(1)

December 05. 2017

By Courtesy of The New York Times,From left, Louis Armstrong, the songwriter W.C. Handy and George Avakian in the 1950s.

Last week I heard my favorite radio program “World Jazz Warehouse.”Christopher Knott (番組DJクリスさん) introduced some of the many great recordings by George Avakian for mourn his death.

So I would like to introduce my favorite songs according to the album introduced in the program.

About songs that were broadcast on the day, please see the radio program’s website.Go here

毎週日曜日の夜はいつもジャズ番組「World Jazz Warehouse(FMCOCOLO765)」を聞いています。

今回の放送でChristopher Knott(番組DJクリスさん)は先月98歳で亡くなった偉大なプロデューサーGeorge Avakianさんを追悼し、Avakianが遺した多くのレコーディングから数曲ご紹介されました。



Louis Armstrong “Louis Armstrong Plays W.C. Handy”
Here is Louis Armstrong plays “Yellow Dog Blues”.
Louis Armstrong (tp), Trummy Young (tb), Barney Bigard (cl), Billy Kyle (p), Arvell Shaw (b), Barrett Deems (ds) July 12, 1954… New York

J.J. Johnson & Kai Winding Octet “Jay & Kai +6”
Here is J.J. Johnson & Kai Winding Octet play “You Don’t Know What Love Is”.
J.J. Johnson, Kai Winding, Urbie Green, Bob Alexander, Eddie Bert, Jimmy Cleveland (tb), Tom Mitchell, Bart Varsalona (btb), Hank Jones (p), Milt Hinton (b), Osie Johnson (ds)
1956… New York

Here is J.J. Johnson & Kai Winding Octet play “Night in Tunisia”.
Members of the recording are the same as above.
add Candido (cga)

George Avakian produced “Chicago Jazz Album”.
Here is Jimmy McPartland and his Orchestra play “Sugar”.
Jimmy McPartland(cor),Bud Jacobson(cl),Boyce Brown(as),Floyd Bean(p),Dick McPartland(g), Jim Lannigan(sb),Hank Isaacs(d) Chicago, October 11, 1939.

Here is Jimmy McPartland and his Orchestra play “China Boy”.
Members of the recording are the same as above.

George Wettling’s Chicago Rhythm Kings play “I’ve Found A New Baby”.
Charlie Teagarden(tp),Floyd O’Brien(tb),Danny Polo(cl),Joe Marsala(ts),Jess Stacy(p),Jack Bland(g),Artie Shapiro(sb,George Wettling(d) New York, January 16, 1940.

George Wettling’s Chicago Rhythm Kings play “Bugle call Rag”.
Members of the recording are the same as above.