Howard McGhee and his Korean All Stars

January 11.2018

Photo by courtesy of Jazzinphoto(WordPress)

Last week I introduced the photo of “Hi-Lo 1405 on Hi-lo label“ which was published to the net.

Today I would like to post about Howard McGhee and his All Stars which recorded on Hi-Lo label.

These recordings were made in Guam at an Armed Forces Services Concert, when the McGhee’s group  was touring Korean and other U. S. Pacific bases in 1951.


Photo by Discogs

先週、Hi-Loレコードに録音されたMilt Jackson Quartet(Hi-Lo 1405)の写真を紹介しました。(上記)

今日は同じHi-Loレコードで録音された「Howard McGhee and his Korean All Stars」について投稿したいと思います。

1951年から1952年の間、Howard McGheeが率いるグループは極東ツアーを行いました。又、グアムおよび太平洋諸島の米軍基地でも慰問コンサートを行なっていました。


米軍慰問コンサートということで「12th street bop」のような楽しい演奏も収録されています。

余談ですが、Creed Taylorも朝鮮戦争の最前線に派遣されていました。(1953年9月に停戦が発表されるまで従軍したそうです)

Creed Taylorが経験した最前線での行動については、ブログの末尾にJazzWaxさんによるインタービュー記事を引用しました。

Interview: Creed Taylor (Part 1) May 12, 2008 こちらをクリックして下さい。

Howard McGhee and his Korean All Stars
Howard McGhee (tp) J.J. Johnson (tb) Rudy Williams (ts) Skeeter Best (g) Charlie Rice (d) an unknown Philipino bass player named Chris … (b)
Guam, Pacific Islands   January 17, 1952

Here is Howard McGhee Korean All Stars play “How high the moon” (part 1) HL401   HiLo 1409

Here is Howard McGhee Korean All Stars play “How high the moon” (part 2)  HL402 HiLo 1409

Here is Howard McGhee Korean All Stars play “Star dust”. HL403     HiLo 1410

Billboard誌 (1952年6月28)

Here is Howard McGhee Korean All Stars play “Body and soul”. HL403     HiLo 1410

Here is Howard McGhee Korean All Stars play “12th Street bop”. HL405  HiLo 1414

Here is Howard McGhee Korean All Stars play “The man with a horn”. HL406    HiLo 1414

Photo above of Creed Taylor and Wes Montgomery by courtesy of

By the way Creed Taylor spent one year at the forefront of the battlefield of the Korean War.

Below I quated JazzWax. Interview: Creed Taylor (Part 1)

May 12, 2008.Go here

JazzWax: Did you see action in Korea?

Creed Taylor:I spent a year in combat. For a time I was a forward observer. I worked with a map that had quadrants of the terrain out front. When I saw lights on a convoy traveling through no-man’s land, my job was to call them back to the 105mm Artillery, which opened up on the lights. We were under the auspices of the UN. I was there until the truce was announced in September 1953, exactly two years after I was drafted.



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