February 10.2018

photo above of Roger Guérin by courtesy of Fresh Sound

This week I read an interesting article about Roger Guérin by JazzWax.

Please refer to Jazz wax his website. Go here

So I will introduce some recordings by Roger Guérin that Jazzwax didn’t post to his blog.


Photo above of Marc Myers from JazzWax

今週JazzWaxさんがトランペッターRoger Guérin(ロジェ・ゲラン)について興味深い記事を書かれています。

私が注目したのはJazzWax(Marc Myers)さんのご両親が戦後のパリで生活されていたことです。ご両親からお聞きになった思い出話がとても素敵です。


“For Parisians, jazz was the sound of freedom, style and individualism.”




Here is Charlie Parker with the MAURICE MOUFFLARD ORCHESTRA play “Lady bird”.
Roger Guerin, Georges Jouvin, Pierre Fassin, Yves Alouette (tp); Andre Paquinet, Maurice Gladieu, Charles Huss (tb);
Charlie Parker, Robert Merchez, Roger Simon (as); Jacques Tess, Marcel Pommes (ts); Honore Truc (bs); Robert Cambier (p);
Henri Karen (b); Pierre Loteguy (ds); two or three unknown (perc); Maurice Moufflard (arr, cond).
Radio broadcast, Paris, November 28, 1950

Django Reinhardt Decca (1)

Here is Django Reinhardt et son Quintette play “Crazy Rhythm”.
Django Reinhardt(g),Roger Guèrin (tp), Hubert Fol (as), Maurice Vander (p),Pierre Michelot (b),Pierre Lemarchand (d)
Paris, January 30,1953


Here is Bobby Jaspar’s New Jazz play “A foggy day”.
Roger Guerin (tp) Nat Peck (tb) Bib Monville (ts) no solo work, Bobby Jaspar (ts,cl,arr) Maurice Vander (p) Pierre Michelot (b) Jean-Louis Viale (d) Francy Boland, Andre Hodeir (comp)
Paris, January 12, 1954


Here is Roger Guerin and Benny Golson Quintet play “I remember Clifford”.
Roger Guerin (tp) Benny Golson (ts) Bobby Timmons (p) Pierre Michelot (b) Christian Garros (d)
Paris, December 12, 1958

imageHere is Roger Guerin Quintet play “Not serious”.
Roger Guerin (tp) Michel Hausser (vib) Martial Solal (p) Pierre Michelot (b) Christian Garros (d)
Paris, December 18, 1958

Here is Roger Guérin plays “April in Paris”.


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