Dardanelle Breckenridge

February 20.2018

Photo by NPR

Dardanelle Breckenridge was a pianist, vibraphonist and vocalist.

Her real name was Marcia Marie Mullen who was born n Avalon, Mississippi on Dec. 27, 1917.

She gave herself the name Dardanelle in the early stages of her career.

During the 1940s she led a jazz group (unusual for a woman at that time) known as the Dardanelle Trio.

The trio made a lot of good records during that period and also became a regular fixture at New York’s Copacabana.

Photo by courtesy of  Library of Congress

Then Dardanelle had relocated to Chicago and paused the music activities for her childcare.

By the 1970s, after relocating to the East Coast she formed a new trio.

It was the beginning of two decades of successful activities that included working with pros like Bucky Pizzarelli and George Duvivier.

She eventually retired to Mississippi, where she continued to entertain fans from time to time until her death at age 79 in 1997.

Photo by courtesy of Discogs

Tal Farlowは Dardanelle Breckenridgeというピアニストのグループでレコーディングデビューしています。(1945年7月12日)


1945年7月12日の録音はMilt Gablerの制作により「Gold Braid」として録音されました。

Here is Dardanelle Trio play “Taboo [Tabu]”.
Dardanelle Breckenbridge (p,vib,vcl) Tal Farlow (g) Paul Eldenfield (b)
New York, July 24, 1945 Audiophile AP-32



上記録音の2ヶ月前にLionel Hamptonバンドの録音にピアニストとして参加しています。

Here is Lionel Hampton And His Orchestra with Dardanelle Breckenridge play “Beulah’s boogie”.
Joe Morris, Wendell Culley, Al Killian, Lammar Wright, Dave Page (tp) Abdul Hamid, John Morris, Al Hayse, Andrew Penn (tb) Gus Evans, Herbie Fields (as) Arnett Cobb, Jay Peters (ts) Charlie Fowlkes (bar) Lionel Hampton (vib,p) Dardanelle Breckenridge (p) Billy Mackel (g) Charlie Harris, Ted Sinclair (b) George Jones (d) New York, May 21, 1945


Photo above of Dardanelle, Joe Sinacore, and Bert Nazer(1946) by courtesy of Library of Congress


Here is Dardanelle Trio play “September song”.
Dardanelle (p,vcl) Joe Sinacore (g) Bert Nazier (b)
New York, August 12, 1946.September song Vic 20-1993



Here is Dardanelle Quintet play “Skippin’ in”.
Sam Wilhoit (ts,fl) Dardanelle (vib) Neal Starkey (b) Yonrico Scott (d) Luis Stefanell (perc) Atlanta, February 6, 1984 Audiophile ACD-191



Here is Dardanelle plays “(Dardanelle’s signoff and theme) On Green Dolphin Street.”
Dardanelle (p) Malcolm Creese (b)
Live, “Pizza-on-the-Park”, London, April 23, 1993
Audiophile ACD-276




Here is Dardanelle & Her Boys “BACKTRACK”.


Here is Dardanelle & Her Boys “Happy Cat”
[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hFqPYWqeaMI&w=560&h=315



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