David Sarser lugged the Ampex reel-to-reel tape decks into The Embers

March 4.2018

David Sarser played violin with the NBC Symphony Orchestra in the 1950s under Arturo Toscanini.

Then he worked with Les Paul in the early days of recording technology, developing the first multi-track recording device, an 8-track tape recorder made by Ampex.

Please see the article by JazzWax. Go here

このCD解説の冒頭にDavid Sarserが紹介されています。

Photo by reevesaudio.com

「ヴァイオリニストDavid Sarserはアンペックス製ポータブルテープレコーダーをレストランThe Embersに持ち込み録音しました」

David Sarserはトスカンニーニ率いるNBC交響楽団でバイオリン奏者であり、Ampex社の東海岸地区における営業担当者でもありました。


Photo above of Dave Sarser by courtesy reevesaudio.com

David SarserさんとAmpex社製のテープ・デッキについては下記を参照して下さい。


Dave Sarser and Les Paul(2005) by courtesy of reevesaudio.com





photo by Flickr

Here is Joe Bushkin Quartet play Ballad Medley(Easy Living, I’ve Got The World On A String, If You Were Mine, Body And Soul).
Joe Bushkin ( p ) Buck Clayton ( tp) Milt Hinton ( b ) Jo Jones (d)
Recorded at the Embers, New York City, early 1952

Here is Joe Bushkin Quartet play Medley (Memories Of You, Yesterdays, September Song, California Here I Come).
Members of the recording are the same as above.



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