”Jazz for Kutsurogi” fe.New Orleans style clarinet players(2)

May 10.2018



8. Here is Doc Paulin’s N.O.L.A.Band play “Ciribiribin”.
Ernest Doc Paulin (Tp), Eddie Morris (Tb), Emile Barnes (CI),Fan Bourgeau (Bj), Sylvester Handy (B), Henry Revel (Dr)
Icon Records LP-13 New Orleans, August 9, 1962


Emile Barnes ⇨ こちらをクリックして下さい。

9. Here is John Casimir’s Young Tuxedo Jazz Band “What a friend we have in Jesus”.
Kid Howard (Tp), Albert Warner (Tb), John Casimir (Cl),Emanuel sayles (Bj), Albert Tillman (B), Alfred Willams (Dr)
Icon Records LP-11 New Orleans, September 5, 1962



Photo by The Manchester Sports Guild

10. Here is Kid Martyn New Orleans Ragtime Band “Careless love”.
Keith Cuff Billet (Tp), Peter Dyer (Tb), Bill Greenow (CI), Graham Patterson (P), John Coles (Bj), Terry Knight (B), Barry Martyn (Dr),
GHB Records LP-10
Cricklewood, London, August 10, 1963


Bill Greenowの写真(Barry Martin’s Ragtime Band)は下記HPからお借りしました。⇨ こちらをクリックして下さい。

Jim Robinson, George Lewis, and Sammy Rimington(June 1962)
Photo by courtesy of Tom Sancton’s News & Views

11. Here is Kid Sheik With Barry Martyn’s Band play “When your hair has turned to silver”.
Kid Sheik Cola (Tp), Jack Wedell (Tb), Sammy Rimington (Cl),
Paul Seeley (Bj), Harry Richardson (B), Barry Martyn (Dr), GHB GHB-187
Egham Cricket Club, Egham, England, June 12, 1963

Sammy Rimington さんのHPです。こちらをクリックして下さい。


12. Here is Chris Barber’s Jazz Band play “Storyville blues”.
Pat Halcox (Tp), Chris Barber (Tb), Monty Sunshine (CI), Lonnie Donegan (Bj), Jim Bray (B), Ron Bowden (Dr), ”Royal Festival Hall”, London, October 30, 1954 Lake CD LACS4

Monty Sunshineについてはクリス・バーバー(Chris Barber)さんのHPを参照しました。⇨ こちらをクリックして下さい。


Photo by Discos

13. Here is Acker Bilk’s Paramount Jazz Band “Franklin St. blues”.
Ken Sims (Tp), Johnny Mortimer (Tb), Acker Bilk (Cl), Joy Hawkins (Bj), Ernie Price (B), Ron Mckay (Dr),London March 6.1958 Reprise Records R-6031


Acker BILK & His Paramount Jazz Band: In A Persian Market (Live in Jazz Festival Prague 1964)



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